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  1. To pay for rescue or not? Rescue insurance or not? I was a member of 2 volunteer mountain rescue teams in colorado. We covered all our own costs. Personal expense for gear and transportation. Grants for team gear and vehicles. Fundraisers and donations to cover the rest. I have not since been with such dedicated and professional groups, a group against charging for rescues. I too strongly oppose charging for rescue's. The various "rescue insurance" programs around the country like CO's $5 is NOT insurance, however, the $ goes into an account that all teams state wide can apply to for grants to defray rescue costs. This is similar for climbing Denali, the $150 you pay to register helps defray the cost. Also, medical insurance covers any "flight for life" rescue pick ups, and ambulance rides... to make people pay for rescues will prevent many responsible people who can't afford such fees from enjoying our wilderness areas and ntl parks. To do this properly there would have to be a charge up front before entering the backcountry, this would clearly limit access for most of us. Paying for a rescue after the fact would clearly tie up the already clogged court system not to mention greedy insurance companies selling overrated and hiked up policies. State Farm and Allstate at the trail head....yikes. No on paying for rescues...Leave it to volunteers and the park rangers..that's what we pay them for....
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