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  1. Shoulder problem survey

    Thanks for the sympathies, I was only in Colorado for a couple seasons. I've moved on to lighter snows after a torturous winter in the icy east last year. As for pictures of my shoulder... I do have pictures from during the surgery not very interesting but I'll try and find them. I wish I had a picture from when it first detached. Every time I flexed it looked like I had a tennis ball sitting on the end of my humerus.
  2. Be a Porter?

    What has the world come to? Sorry to hear about the knee. -Jennie
  3. Shoulder problem survey

    My shoulder was popping out for a while and pretty painful especially after climbing so about 4 years ago I had surgery to correct it. About three months after the surgery the long head of my biceps tendon ( which was completely healthy pre surgey ) detached and shot down to my elbow. Pretty crazy looking. Apparently the surgeon overheated my shoulder capsule and my tendond essentially boiled it to death. After another surgery to reattach my tendon and 3 and a half years later It's finally getting strong again. I missed way too much climbing over this.
  4. Climbing in Java

    Thanks for all the info. Java was not effected by the tsunami. Sumatra is where all the chaos is. I'm out here to help with the tsumani releif. We just have some time before we head up to Aceh. The reports are pretty scary , the word in Aceh at the moment is aid workers will not be targeted. Keep your fingers crossed! As far as climbing the outward bound Indonesia staff showed me some great stuff in Jatiluhur. I would love to check out climbing in singapore and malaysia, but I wont be heading ou there this trip. thanks again jen
  5. Climbing in Java

    Hey Does anyone know of any climbing spots in Java. Thanks Jen
  6. more computer questions

  7. more computer questions

    Can anyone tell me how to open word/excel attachments on a mac. Thanks Jen
  8. It's On!

    Snow at 5000 ft!!!!!!
  9. Alpenthal on Friday

    Thanks Jay , but I ment when's the snow coming in the North West. I live in the NW until December then off to Breck for the winter. I just need a fix before december. jen
  10. what were you doing labor day weekend?

    Silverton! a little slice of heavan!
  11. Alpenthal on Friday

    When's the good snow coming?!?!?!?
  12. ticks

    A freind of mine was just diagnosed with chronic lyme. She's had symptoms for over a year. She had to do all the research herself and tell her doc which tests she needs. We have found many people with chronic lyme are being misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue. there is a new tick survey being done in Oregon testing for lyme. The official results should be out soon. From what I've heard so far there are quite a few ticks that carry lyme
  13. ticks

    Just curious about the ticks in the NW. What have people heard about of lyme disease in the climbing community? or any climbers with " chronic fatigue syndrome".
  14. Rocky Mountain Slayer

    2003 rocky mountain slayer $1300 OBO 19 inch aluminum frame full suspension 5 inches of travel front and back IT's in perfect condition. It was only ridden a couple times. Too much skiing and climbing, not enough time for the bike. It's incredible! It 's tough enough to take big hits but light enough to climb like a goat. check out the link below for specs http://www.rocky-mountain.com/bikes/2003/allmtn/slayer.aspx
  15. Climbing Specialization Chart

    Hey Wayne The Chart looks good. It's nice to see it up.