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  1. Snoqualmie Peak Conditions

    We just climbed it yesterday (5/25). Fantastic views from the top. Went all the way up with just ski poles without any problem. As Raustin mentioned, there is a fairly steep part just as you start up the ridge, but it is in/near trees. I would recommend an early start -- by late afternoon we were regularly punching through the snow near rocks/bushes.
  2. Snoqaulmie Pass area...

    We scrambled up Snoqualmie Mtn yesterday. The Alpental parking lot was completely dry, and not much snow in the trees until we hit about 4200' (this on a steep slope that faces SW). The open ridge going up the south side of Snoqualmie Mtn (4800' to 6200') had a lot of snow in places (3-5'), but there was also a lot of bare ground. The north-eastern slopes of Chair Peak and the Tooth appeared to have signficant snow still.
  3. Alpine/gl;acier mountaineering

    I'm in the same boat -- I want to improve my glacier travel skills and increase my circle of climbing friends. I climbed Rainier with a mentor many years ago (I'm 41 now), and have done a number of non-technical climbs this spring (St Helens in late April, Snoqualmie Mtn yesterday). I'm considering taking a Crevace Rescue class to brush up on my skills. I have the equipment and am definitely up for some practice -- lets do an outting!