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  1. Hooked on phonics will teach you the difference between a syllable and a word. Does it not [ 10-21-2002, 12:49 PM: Message edited by: Cobra ]
  2. Bryan Burdo

    Please don't post the guy's number or address here. It seems ridiculous to even ask someone to do such a thing. BTW while we are at it can someone post Greg Child's address and number
  3. Blah bla bla blahhh

    bleek blah blop blo
  4. Blah bla bla blahhh

  5. Half ropes

    Anna nicole smith! bring 3 ropes and invent a new 3 roped belay device
  6. Eugene Pub Club

    quote: Originally posted by ryland moore: Flcik, didn t know you had a driver's liscense. At least from your writing, it seems that you have a writing ability of a fifth grader. Maybe you should try www.hookedonphonics.com. Maybe you need to use your spelling checker as well there Ryland.
  7. grivel alp wing

    Leashes are aid. Pussies
  8. cc gear swap at marymoor or UW?

    Did you see Stiffler's Mother
  9. wow... something to erally think about

    Yeah my point is they suck because I dont have time to bother with more politics than what I deal with daily. I also have worked for companies that don't have unions. They paid fine and matched the benies that "union" companies had. It's a ripoff is my point.
  10. wow... something to erally think about

    Unions are just another form of politics.
  11. wow... something to erally think about

    Name one positive and outstanding thing that made the news in the past 5 years like allison mentions about unions. I payed union dues before. I still think it was a ripoff.
  12. Eldorado

    What does Potterfield and the Mountaineers say
  13. wow... something to erally think about

    I think some may "want" to work hard until the work is in their face. Then they just get lazy or blow it off. My guess is that 1 out of ten will show the desire to excel and work hard for promotion. Most of the others may likely just work well when it is convenient for them to try to make themselves look good.
  14. Free Climbing at VW on 9/11

    I nice act or gesture would be to donate all of the proceeds that day to the victims and families. They are doing nothing but stirring up the business otherwise.
  15. Accident Reports...

    I bet he fell into that crevasse because he was used to clipping bolts on sport ice.
  16. Why is Gaper_#1 blocked

    This is Cobra. I was arguing sensibly as Gaper_#1 and Jon removed my permissions. Why is this I say? I was told Gaper_#1 was malicious and posted email info here. Perhaps that person should not have emailed Gaper_#1 so many times and made threats to me? Tell me out there was Gaper_#1 so malicious or did he just bring on the arguments from a controversial standpoint in adult fashion with minor humor at times? Bring back Gaper_#1! Gaper_#2 is alone now!
  17. To Bolt or Not to Bolt?

    This is Cobra. Since moderators have removed Gaper_#1's ability to rationally argue here I have come back as Cobra. Gaper_#1 is dead due to Jon or Tim. My guess is Jon is the culprit. Moderators bite it you bolt clipping mongers. How can rational debates occur if the moderators are being like this?
  18. Why is Gaper_#1 blocked

    quote: Originally posted by allison: Take it over to Spray, you boneheads. There's plenty of bandwith for this sort of pole-cattin' over there. Shut up
  19. Trask's Cat Scan!

    Very grody looking. Man I can only think about the stench
  20. Who will win the Stanley Cup eh?

    These are your photos. Quit smokin so much and you might remember
  21. Who will win the Stanley Cup eh?

    Here is another shot of trask
  22. Why is Gaper_#1 blocked

    Trask shows his bedroom photos to all
  23. Trask's Cat Scan!

    ok if you say so, Your woman-
  24. Why is Gaper_#1 blocked

    Nice try trask. It's like trying to use the same joke as me.