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  1. Boycott Arab made goods!

    A pitiful argument to rebutt the truth. Hezbollah and likes of them already declared holy war....
  2. Boycott Arab made goods!

    A lie.
  3. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Alan your arguments are so weakly calculated and not rebutting any of my facts. Get in line if you want to have a debate. Your variables are ridiculous and there is no fact here that WMD was obtained from the US. IN fact it has more than likey been obtained from the ally "FRANCE and RUSSIA" son. Education is cheap if you know how to analyze properly.
  4. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Gee. How many war vets oppose this war? Another fact you so neatly elide. Speculation. Listen loser a majority of the military is pro republican. For several reasons. Get on the short bus genius.
  5. Boycott Arab made goods!

    There isn't a single "coalition" (hah! US, British, and 2,000 Australian!) soldier who is protecting my sorry ass. As far as I'm concerned, all they're doing is making the world more dangerous for my sorry ass. Thanks for the heart-felt concern though. Comments like this show your true hate towards the military. Let's see you become a man not a mouse and make those comments to some returning Marines. They may have protected you by capturing the terrorist camp in Norther Iraw already. Now the truth of your unloyalness to fellow US citizens and government is evident. Please buy your one way ticket to Baghdad tomorrow to please us all including yourself. You can place yourself in front of the Iraqi military to prove your cause. Thank you.
  6. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Alan I stated several facts if you can read. You just didn't read them. Denial is strong for those that can't read or refuse to.
  7. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Not directed to me but I feel compelled to reply- This is not an argument for me. Go to Iraq and see how much power being a woman gets you. End of discussion. Your sidelined arguments about patriotism can be answered by yourself.
  8. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Bottom line is war is in progress. Thanks to Bush and the military. Let's kick some ass! All you hippie granola beatnicks rub yourselves and hope. It's hopeless you fools! Now who's laughing at you
  9. Boycott Arab made goods!

    No refection of the globe like 49 countries. The globe is in denial like you. You dont make peace with hitlerites by talking. They only understand actions. That is where you fall short on mentality. Ask Saddam nicely and maybe he'll stop murdering Many people denied hitler many people denied actions in Kosovo....
  10. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Sisu, I think their blatant ignorance to the current war is evident. To them we should try to make peace with Hitler (Hussein) of 2003 through words. It's evident it never worked and that he is such a conniving criminal it should work. Why not he kills his own people all the time. I guess these war protesters call that democracy and freedom. Freedom is not free folks. It's something to fight for and keep.
  11. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Alan you need a few lessons. They might be called "How to identify a war criminal, and how to indentify genocide, and how to identify when someone is lying". Education and reality do wonders.
  12. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Let's see these cowards make some of the similar remarks to some war veterans. SC denies the facts. He can only make insulting arguments. What a child. Most of the others only make out of context arguments and take isolated situations out of thousands they likely never hear about to justify a minority state of mind. Facts are on the table folks. The war is in progress. We are going to win. Maybe the MOAB is in the cards next. Cowards line up so I can piss on you. Let me know when you are going to make your next protest so I can relieve myself in joy.
  13. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Ursa_Eagle, It's evident you only fill in the blanks with what feel right to make your futile and weak arguments seem stronger. If you dont support the war and if you dont support the troops then get on the plane. If you cannot determine the factors then read again and take a reading comprehension course. Your comments and statements are taken out of context and are just arguments really. What an idiot you have proven yourself to be. Anyone can read what I said. Anyone can make something different from what I said. Anyone intelligent can obtain what I meant.
  14. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Because we don't support a war started by a president that I (and the majority of the country) didn't vote for? And if you support the war so much, why are you not over in Iraq fighting? It's not that I don't support our troops, and I by no means wish them harm, I just don't support what we're doing over in Iraq. (This was already posted on another thread, but I thought I'd at least include a link: http://www.orwelltoday.com/peacenik.shtml I've had that conversation many times with people who are convinced that Saddam himself would walk into their house and shoot them if we don't take him out first.) Fair enough Ursa_Eagle, I've personally fought in past conflicts. Obviously in the military many times you are at the luck of the draw to get called. Meaning you may have to be in the right unit at the right time. Just because I am not there does not mean I will not be or do not want to be. That's a pretty weak argument and really just an excuse and ploy to make your arguments and statements seem more valid isn't it? Last time I checked the majority approved it in congress months ago. Another note that numerous polls approve the president's work including over in Iraq. It's a futile argument to make about a war in progress that the U.S. is winning when you are a qualified voter and our congress has approved it. We have already captured terrorist camps and seen the actions the regime takes in order to sustain their power. It's horrible that Iraq may be the only country to use chemical warfare since WW1 and even on citizens of their own country. I praise the work that has been done so far.
  15. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Maybe you should say damn I feel sorry for the Iraqis that have no choice but to die for a cause they don't believe in when they are forced to die and fight for a regime that will kill their family and them otherwise.
  16. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Yes and fuck you too. Your human shield ticket to Baghdad could be bought. Feel free to sacrifice your body. Your statements are merely non facts and offer the true intelligence you lack. Global determination is the the determination to get rid of bastards that want to claim they are fighting as nationalists when they are merely genocide endorsing war criminals. Religion and race are no excuse for lack of morals. As I mentioned, this conflict is a small price to pay for another bully on the block. If you consider the US a bully then feel free to buy a plane ticket out of the U.S. and or go fight for Saddam. Anything else is just proving your full of shit. I am behind our troops and fuck all the war protesters that are blinded by their ignorance. The fact is that the war is now at hand and the U.S. is going to win. To deny that is just fooling yourself. I spit on some war protesters last week. What a satisfying feeling it was. War protesters take your asses over to Iraq for human shield work. You'd be much more appreciated there. It's evident even media folks are being executed and soldiers are likely being tortured upon capture. If you can't stand behind our troops your patriotism is non existant. Bottom line.
  17. Boycott Arab made goods!

    Fuck the arabs that: Play the religion game to declare Bullshit Holy Wars. Want to bomb, shoot or injure U.S. citizens or soldiers merely on the basis of the country we come from, let alone other falsely fabricated ideas that they call justified. Play the arab morals game thinking that just because they are a certain race it gives them rights to kill americans and disrupt global determination. Think they can take us on in war. We will win mother fuckers! Bomb shoot maim those fuckin' fighting Iraqis. To kill a few civilians they position themselves behind is a small sacrifice. They kill their own people with nerve gas and systematically execute anyone that is a non follower of a regime that supports genocide. All disbelievers get a grip and watch the bombs fall on tv tonight. Later on muther fuckers!
  18. The Big Difference

    I carry guns because it's fun. Next time some bicycle gets in the way I'm ready. And the next time someone cuts me off they'll regret it. Plus it's real fun to shoot animals and skin em up. I need a new rack on my garage this year. Maybe I'll win the mountain goat lottery. How about shootin beer bottles and shit too.
  19. The Big Difference

    Guns are great. Let's go shooting GregW. Violence is a pretty red painting.
  20. RIP Fallen Comrades

    Those damn avatars and people using them. They're all secretive and always out of line. The board owners never know who they are It's double secret probation if you get caught using one
  21. REI explores another user group

    quote: Originally posted by chucK: quote:Originally posted by Cobra: quote:Originally posted by sexual chocolate: Hey! They ALWAYS sold Toblerone! I know but it sure makes a supposed outdoor retailer look silly Yeah! HAW! Get this...this hardware store I go to sells candy too. Can you believe that!!?? Freakin' sellouts. Hey you'll get over being a dumb ass some day.
  22. REI explores another user group

    quote: Originally posted by sexual chocolate: Hey! They ALWAYS sold Toblerone! I know but it sure makes a supposed outdoor retailer look silly
  23. REI explores another user group

    quote: Originally posted by chucK: I know it hurts Cavbra, but just face it. She ain't comin' back. I know your wasted brain matter will never regenerate from when your mother dropped you. It's ok we know you took the short bus to school. You're still stupid
  24. REI explores another user group

    Actually Chuck we are just making fun of REI and a majority of it's employees and customers. You are just too stupid to see that is all.
  25. Snowmobiles in Yellowstone

    quote: Originally posted by RobBob: Gentlemen, start your engines...we're going to see Old Faithful! Right on.