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  1. guess we got our answer...wouldn't you say, Phil? Nice work Gary!
  2. No issues at the bottom whatsoever. Just point 'em and go flyin' over a little 4 foot gap. NFNWR has better coverage now than when I did it in early June of 2003. Oddly enough, other routes on the north and east sides of the mountain have less snow for this time of year. TAY has a few excellent recent photos of the route on the cover page...
  3. Nice effort getting out there with such a crappy forecast. So from what I can gather, the road was gated at the Paul Peak TH and snow free for a mile or two? How much snow at the lake? Could you have made a shortcut on snow to the pass above the lake then down into Spray Park? Just curious.
  4. I was on the Sulphide last weekend and it was good all the way to the car. All up on the way in, and all down on the way out! No Mickey Mouse crap in between...
  5. Saw your flat as we drove out. It sucks when you have to drive on the spare donut!
  6. We were the other group who stole your solitude A group of 5 of us skied from 7,000ft. Got a much later start than you at just after 8am. The skiing was fantastic though, I must say...I have posted some pics in my cc.com gallery.
  7. Hey Scott, sounds like a sweet time. I bet you tightened your bindings down for this trip, eh? Man, I have to check out La Grave before I check out for good.
  8. Phil wrote a TR: Trip Report and edited a video: Video
  9. I think Sky and some other folks I don't recall have had his eye on this coulior for a while - if I remember correctly. Here you go... If anyone wants to go in there and drop the line, drop me a line.
  10. looks like my sacrifices to Ullr are paying off...
  11. ...have been made. bring on the freshiez! Burn, baby, burn!!!!
  12. Hard for me to say because I haven't actually been in the couloir, but....Probably right about now would be too late. I'd say it's probably good into mid July. Keep in mind, snowpack generally didn't end up too bad above 7000ft. this year because of the wetness we've had the last few months.
  13. I think this is also called the Yoder Couloir... Ross Peritore and Jason Cassarino climbed it and the NF in March of '04. We took a quick peek at it when we did the NF and it was too melted out to ski but still looked like a decent climb.
  14. Nice. Sounds like it's melted-out a ton since we skied it on 7/4/05. When you were there, was the summit infested with ladybugs? Or had they moved on since there were no more cornices to send down on people? Are you talking about this mud gully?:
  15. Hey Mike, nice shots, for sure. Any chance you have some recent shots of Mowich Face? I didn't see any in the gallery. Again, strictly for armchair use. Thanks!
  16. Video from our ski descent can be found: Here Enjoy!
  17. Here's a link to a fairly recent attempt Sky and Cyril's TR from last July My TR from 1999 sans schwackage... With recent conditions, I would definitely take skis. Then if you decide the north face is too burly, you can just ski the White Salmon and be out of there fast!...
  18. I suspect by May it might be a bit on the late side. We did Stuart in early May of 2003 and skied a narrower variation (I think Beckey calls it variation #1). I think even with this late snowfall, we're still a couple weeks ahead in the season right now. TR from 2003 2003 was not a huge snowpack year, but it sure beat this year...especially at lower elevations!
  19. This photo was taken yesterday morning by John Scurlock: used with permission of the photographer
  20. Climb/Ski: Hurry Up/"S" Peak-South Couloir Date of Climb: 3/12-13/2005 Trip Report: Full TR and photos can be found here: http://www.alpineslider.com/HurryUp.htm Does anyone know whether this route has been climbed/skied before? In winter? Gear Notes: Shoulda had a jet pack! Approach Notes: skiied to within 100 yards of the parking lot.
  21. Crikey! Not sure how I missed seeing this post until now... Pure beauty!!!!
  22. A few of us were up there earlier in the month, around the 5th, I guess. You could drive all the way to the Eldorado gate at the time. There wasn't any snow on the road until after the last gate. Since then it snowed some, but that must have all washed away by now. If it weren't for the gates, I bet you could drive all the way to the end of the road. There was a small slide area near the Boston Basin TH, but that's after the last gate anyway. Hell, right now there's probably not even much snow left at Cascade Pass Unless something major happened, you should be good to go.
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