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  1. Remote Glacier trip w/ just 2 people? Y or N

    How good are each of your self rescue skills, and how well versed are you at setting up a 5:1 z pully. If you are both good have good rope skills go for it. But groups of three are a lot safer.
  2. Mt Adams info needed

    yup, I saw it was Feb. I was hoping someone had tried to summit last weekend.
  3. Mt Adams info needed

    He must not know how to ride his machine very well. Anyone have any info on climbing conditions on Mt Adams. We are looking at taking the southern route?
  4. Fire S of Mt Baker

    Went on a day hike Sat up to the railroad grade on Baker two things: There was a small fire just south of baker on South side of hill soth of MT Baker. They were using 2 choppers on that one. Does anyone know the outcome of that fire?? 2) WTA replaced the bridge that was washed away this spring. The new "bridge" is defenity a temp solution but you now longer have to go down to the log jam to cross the stream. Thanks WTA!!
  5. Night vision and headlamps

    Having some experience with red lenses they suck. It will not effect your night vision as much as a white light but there is no reason for you to be "tactical" a red lens would be illadvised.
  6. enchantment rescue

    The unit is from WI and Min its the 832nd. The is HQ in West Bend WI. The unit as a whole has been here at FT Lewis for over 2 years. A group of them was deployed to Irag with the 62nd Med BDE last year. The CSH (Combat Support Hospital) was featured on PBS last year. If any one wants to thank them I can put you in contact w/ them.
  7. 8k trip buddies

    007 where did you come up with these absurdities?!! 8M in 3three weeks?!!. General rule of thumb below 10k ft takes 1 day to acclimatize to the alt. Suppose you could gain 5-6 days acclimatization by sleeping in an 02 depravation chamber. Have you ever been above 20k ft?? do you have ANY IDEA how your body functions at that ALT?? By your lack of concern and your utterly ignorant responses I will have to say NO. Granted I have never been to 8KM but I have been at 20K Ft and you have the brain a vastly reduced brain capacity. Additionally some people just don’t have the right genetic makeup to EVER go above 20K. Earlier you asked “what kinda training can you do for 8MK” simple run a friggin marathon. Yea! If you don’t have the cardio pulmonary system to do that your heart and lungs will never get you above 20k. Sure you could be there but to think and figure stuff out NEVER HAPPEN you will be another statistic (dead). If you think you can do it no prob pack you stuff up right now and spent 3-4 days on the top of MT Rainier w/o coming down. I could go on for 3-4 hours why this “plan” you have schemed is so idiotic. Well there’s 10min of my life I will never get back.
  8. [TR] worth the trip?- 7/22/2004

    Depending where "out east" is a trip to the South shore of lake superior would be a great trip. Mid to late Jan is typically the best time of year. moslty all single pitch stuff but you can do 20-30 routes in 2-3 days there.
  9. Fred Beckey Award

    Jim Yoder has got my vote. Jim has been very active lately granted it's Vantage ( no spray please) but who do you think put that new guide book together.
  10. 2 person Crevasse Rescue

    T anchor is BOMBER on hard sonw or ice you have to use your axe to dig into the packed snow or ice. Put your runner in the middle of the pick with a ramp in the dirrection of the pull. Re burry the picket, unless the picket can break through 1-2 ft of packed snow the person is going no where. I've practiced it before and used it in real life situations, with the adrilin (SP?) pumping it took about 45 seconds to dig down into the packed snow. once that is done you can get off belay.
  11. Biggest Whipper!!!

    Decked about 30ft one time I was unhurt although my spotter suffered a concussion from breaking my fall. I rember thinking to myself "this is really going to hurt" I whippered about 50 ft in the needles in SD one time lost most of my skin on my knees hands and calves( not sure how that happened). The long drive home was intresting. Try stearing w/ only you fingertips. The rock there is rough and sharp it was like being run across a chease grator.
  12. House of 1000 Corpses

    Hello....this movie was Texas chainsaw massacre remake!! NO originality whatsoever was disapointed in White opps Rod Zombie.
  13. any one ever climb in Ecuador in June/July

    Yes did Chimbrazo (SP?) 20000+ feet a great mountain. It's very similar to Rainier in... just higher. We went in Jan I believe that the weather right now would make a summit bid pretty tough.

    Neither lawyers nor lawmakers give us our freedoms soldiers do! How many congressmen stormed the breaches of Normandy?? How many “lawyers” were holding the line during the battle of the Bulge? Granted there were lawyers in the military but if it were not for the brave men and women in uniform we would NOT be having this discussion. I am amazed at how quick people are to mock Bronco’s post. OK granted the kick their ass may have been a bit distasteful but the phrase in my opinion is symbolic of what you should do. There is one point I disagree w/ and that is the flag burning issue. I may not agree with doing it at this time ( out of respect for the people who served this country) but I’ll be damned if I live in country where I can’t let my disapproval of how things are being run be known. Dr flash the statement that the military drops bombs on plenty of babies was utterly ill informed. The military in every military conflict since the civil war has put troops at risk to save the lives of civilians. Granted despite the extraordinary efforts the military goes through mistakes are made, is the Army or Air Force perfect no, but everyone thinks they should be. How do I know they do extraordinary measures, because I’ve been there in the planning process. Think about it, we fought street to street in Somalia, Baghdad, Falujia etc. We could have leveled every one of those cities and not taken one causality. But we didn’t, instead we sent troops into a MOUNT (that’s military operations under urban terrain (for you nonmilitary types)) environment and took causalities. Why? Because, as Americans soldiers we knew we had a mission to do. Is America perfect no, do we have faults… YES… but tell me what country has more freedoms, gives more in foreign aid to others countries w/o any expectations of it being paid back. In Iran after the earthquake Americans were there helping the next day. Personally I disagree with how the prisoners were treated in Iraq and Cuba and people should fry for what happened. The Geneva convention was clearly broken and I thought America took pride in how it treated its prisoners, I have been shocked at what happened and I make no excuse for what happened either. As separated officer I would be F****N ashamed if I was any officer in the chain of command, all the way to the DIV commander, if what happened at Abu happened under my watch. Am I ranting yes but I will admit my blood boiled when I saw criticism of the military that was so profoundly false. Also I figured if I didn’t bring up these points ahead of time people would throw them out there. Bronco has many great points if you read between the lines what he is saying is Freedom isn’t free, and we should show a little gratitude to the people who provided that protection. I ask you this how many of you have had to tell a parent their son or daughter has died, or given a flag to a grieving widow? It friggin sucks!
  15. Labrador Mountaineer?!?!?!?

    I buddy of mine was up on ST Hellens in the winter 3 years ago and a guy had his dog up there. Everything was great the dog was running around till it got to close to the edge and fell off!! The guys lab fell 3000+ feet to its death I would hate to see that happen to anyones best friend.