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  1. Time for new boots. I want to find the perfect boots for spring and summer mountaineering but also for backpacking and long hikes. So.....fairly light weight, not too bulky, still stiff enough to work well with crampons, and should last forever.


    Any suggestions? Anything you've got that you are really happy with?

  2. My roommate and I tried Amanitas by drying them in the oven then brewing a tea out of them (following some advice we found on the web.) We were a bit cautious, so drank some of the tea, waited, drank some more, waited, etc. Didn't really feel anything except maybe a slight sense "social relaxation"...not very concerned about judgement or judging. Also got a pretty bad stomach ache. Overall, not that worth it I thought.


    I also remember something about having to scrape off the whitish stuff on top well, as it contains cyanide(?)

  3. I got a ticket coming back from Smith a little while ago, like 78 in a 55 or something, and I pleaded "no contest" and mailed in this letter for the whole trial by mail thing:


    I am typically a very conservative driver, paying attention to the posted speed limits carefully and never handling my vehicle in an aggressive manner like some motorists on the freeways. On April 25th I was driving a friend’s car back from a rock climbing trip at Smith Rock State Park along ____. Through the townships and busy sections of road I was keenly aware of and following the speed limits, being especially careful as it was not my car I was driving! However, there are many long, empty (obviously not completely empty or I would not have been cited), straight sections of highway between _____ and Yakima, and not being fully accustomed to the way the vehicle cruised at higher speeds so effortlessly and quietly, I was essentially lulled into driving significantly faster than the limit and honestly not taking much notice of it. Yet I feel that my driving could still be considered safe and conservative given the conditions, and that I honestly hadn’t been speeding intentionally.


    I absolutely committed this infraction, and apologize for it. I would like to ask the court to consider a reduction in the fine amount given these circumstances. Certainly the increased insurance rates I will undoubtedly bare are sufficient punishment to keep from making this mistake again.


    They promptly wrote me back saying they'd cut the fine in half. Not a bad result I think.



  4. Fence_Sitter said:

    Gawdamnitall, you made me quit lurking and post.


    i dun got me another one! cletus! get the net! this uns a biggun! oh shit! he's taking out line! back up the boat! yellaf.gifyelrotflmao.gif


    Classic...lost control of the argument so change the subject.


    You rock.


  5. Gawdamnitall, you made me quit lurking and post.


    It’s as simple as this: Wal-Mart moves into small towns and drives small businesses under by undercutting their prices. How? By cutting their own overhead. How? By paying below poverty wages to full time employees, avoiding paying employee benefits, actively suppressing employee organization by finding "legal" reasons to fire those who are deemed trouble makers, and coercing employees to work overtime hours off the clock by creating an environment in which people feel that is the only way to advance in the company and gain job security.


    So why don't the workers go get a better job? There aren't any, Wal-Mart has driven everyone else out of business! These are small towns, there aren't any options. This whole thing serves to hugely and irreversibly increase the poverty level of entire communities while appearing to bring in business and create jobs.


    Your argument: I am a consumer and (blindly) demand to buy from whoever is cheapest.


    My argument: Would you donate money to the Access Fund? Most of us here would, in order to help protect something we care about we would be willing to part with a little hard earned coin.


    Its the same thing here; spend a little more elsewhere because you are a decent human being and care about people's welfare in general. Wal-Mart and friends can't continue to operate the way they do if they aren't able to get your money!


    If you still can't see this as reasonable then you might be poverty stricken yourself, which would likely be because you are a victim of this exact kind of giant-corporate subjugation. Alternately, if you are not super-poor yourself, you might just be a self centered asshole.




    I am going back to lurking for another year or two.





  6. ClimbingGirl33 said:

    Soon grasshopper . . .


    Gee, the replies here have been really, um, "helpful." grin.gif


    Then again, it's SNOWING here. I can't move fast enough . . .


    Hey, check your PM's! smile.gif

  7. -My brother and I putting on our heavy jackets, climbing inside of plastic barrels and pushing eachother down steep hills in the back woods around our house. We constantly ignored eachothers requests to not aim for trees and stuff. The game progressed to seeing how crazy a run we could push eachother into, flipping the barrels in the air by hitting stumps and stuff. It ended when my barrel ended up open-end down in the pond. [Frown]


    -Putting on camoflouge face paint at midnight, putting knives in every possible place on our person, then sneaking around my friend's neighborhood shooting out porch lights "commando style" from the most blatant places possible via bb gun, while still remaining "camoflouged."


    -Trying to capsize a catamaran on the lake near same friends house in a strong wind.


    -Taking canoe out on same lake after midnight (again commando style), dumping a huge trail of coleman fuel in the water, then lighting it creating 50 foot and longer floating walls of fame that caused local residents to call police and fire department.


    -Taking canoe to a dark portion of shore near a park across the lake, jumping out and stealthily swimming "commando style" over to TP the place, knocking over portapotties, defacating on the lifegard chairs, and cutting the swim area ropes and dragging them out to the middle of the lake. Wake up in morning and see through binoculars that police are all over the park.


    -Building homemade explosives (progressed from CO2 cartridges to fairly sophistoicated pipe bombs). Pinnacle of career coming when we blew the neighbors back gate to hell.


    -Tieing skateboard to back of truck while one person drives and others ride in back. The goal was to see what kind of things we could "take out" while rounding corners. Almost ended when an area resident tried to chase us down after ripping his mailbox out of the ground. Ended when board and cable wrapped around a road sign and ripped out the bar in the bed that the rope was tied to as well as bent the crap out of the bed rail.


    And many more...I miss those days.

  8. This from their website...


    Who Should Attend Summer Market 2002?

    Outdoor Specialty Retailers

    Snow Shop Owners

    Rental Shop Owners

    Guides and Outfitters

    General Sporting Goods Retailers

    Department Store Buyers

    Mail Order Buyers

    Outdoor Specialty E-tailers

    Mass Merchants and Outlets

    Resale Distributors and Wholesalers

    Working Media covering the outdoor industry



    Only authorized buyers and members of the trade will be admitted.

  9. You've got all your gear out in the driveway and you're loading up your truck for a much needed three-day climbing trip. Suddenly your wife comes out of the house just screaming her head off at you. [Mad] What did you do wrong?


    You made the chain attaching her to the stove too long...

  10. Thanks for the tips, the trip was completely awesome!

    We took 89 from Shasta to 44 to 395. 14 hours to get down there, 16 to get back. We definitely saw a number of dead deer on the side of the road near Lassen, Ray wasn't kidding!

    After that week of sun and dryness it sure is a bit of a let down to see the rain and gray skies again. In the groggy moments before full wakefulness this morning I was imagining that I would feel the crisp desert air and morning sun on my face when I poked my head out of the blankets, and I was thinking about what I was going to climb after I ate my oatmeal...

    I hope I can get out there again soon.

  11. I got the Gamma sv from a friend really cheap and I really like it. Fits me well, which is unusual because I am tall and skinny with long arms. Arc'teryx doesn't skimp on the arm lengths...pretty cool...

    [ 03-22-2002: Message edited by: jhc ]

  12. quote:

    Originally posted by erik:

    bend oregon....go through kalamath falls...or you can cut over at weed, ca....

    though i would recommend purchasing yourself a road atlas is you seriously have these questions....not being mean just realistic.

    [ 03-20-2002: Message edited by: erik ]

    Thanks again,

    I have a big map book, but the Caltrans website and hotline only tell me if a road is closed, no info about conditions on open roads through the mountains. Things could be "open" but 30 mph the whole way...

  13. I am heading out with a friend for Bishop this Saturday night or Sunday and am wondering if anyone's got any tips or other advice on which route to drive. I want to spend as little time on the road as possible, but don't want to get stuck in the snow on some 8,000 foot pass.

    Thanx in advance,

    Jake Choiniere

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