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  1. Those were our prints from Saturday. We climbed the same line as well. The first two pitches were definitely not WI 4 but more like WI 3. From the top of the second WI3 pitch it was super cruiser WI2 through a very wet runnel and finally a cool move(s) through a boulder and ice to a long snow ramp to the final and very short WI2 section. We stopped here and walked down and climber's right of the Sickle to a separate, cool looking ice line. It was a 55 m pitch starting at WI 3+ then WI 3 and finally WI 2. I believe it was a FA. After today it's gone with the warm temps and avy conditions. Will post some photos when I get them from my partner.
  2. Trying to find a partner for Friday climb on Chair or climb Rainier this weekend via Gib Ledges.
  3. Need experienced climbing partner for weekday & weekend climbs and backcountry skiing. I have a flexible work schedule and looking to do some alpine routes, ice routes this week, winter, etc.
  4. we were up there on Friday. No climber as well. Just bouldering around on the seracs. Not a good year for them. How was the glacer/snow conditions at high camp? Anyone interested in a day climb on Baker via the moustache or the coleman headwall. All my main partners work on weekdays. E-mail and let me know.
  5. Actually Aerophlot (spelling?) is a relatively safe airline. It flies out of Seattle twice a week. I'm going to Elbrus in August with my climbing partner and meeting our Russian friend & guide in Moscow. Best to some smaller climbs in the Urals before climbing Elbrus. He has told us it's like a big Rainier with approx. 7,000 more vert.
  6. Yeah, I got worked by the ice guns like Jens! Cavey, how 'bout some ice & beers at Lil. this year- I'd be up for some mid-week climbing if you or anyone else is interested! Talk to ya' later!
  7. where's Observation Rock at anyways? I've heard about it and want to check it out! Any beta greatly appreciated!
  8. Are you kidding? Those are some of the worst turns I've seen for a ski video, let alone for some "expert" skiers
  9. Anyone interested in climbing the N.Ridge of Stuart this Sun/Monday. I have plenty o' experience. Let me know!
  10. need an experienced partner who can move fast & swap leads for Stuart anytime next week except Mon & Tues. I'm mellow and not a cowboy despite what caveman says. E-mail if interested.
  11. come on, give me a break here guys- especially caveman. Cowboy, nah I'm a guy that scares the shit out of himself everytime I go climbing!
  12. get any bites? I've been jonesing to do the route lately. Are you game for it later in the week, say TUrs. Fridayish? Also what kind of experience do you have. Let's talk. E-mail asap. Dave
  13. ok, ok, I took it the wrong way- my apologies. What other route do you suggest so they don't scare my wife?
  14. matt p & forrest- I didn't ask for your two but opinions! I've climbed plenty of tough, technical routes here and abroad so enough of your bullshit. I've also climbed all the routes you've mentioned. I'm climbing the route 'cause my wife is not into technical routes and wants to climb all the volcanos- shit, she could probably put you into the dust!
  15. conditions on Adams? Looking to take my wife up it via Mazama Glacier. Any thoughts or opinions or beta? Thanks!
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