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  1. RIP Steve

    I was referring to Ivan.
  2. RIP Steve

    meh. sure, he'll be a thomas edison type figure for the future to revere, but i'm not certain that his contributions haven't had some drawbacks - the whole iLife, propped up by endless iGadgets, leads to a lotta self-obsessed motherfuckers i'll forgive him for the starry night ap on those goddamn phones though - that thing is fuckign cool! A living example of an inhabitant of Plato's Cave.
  3. Wrecking the southern Oregon Coast

    Not to mention the water hazard...
  4. Parrot Rape

    Why is it that I think of you spraynauts when I see shit like [video:youtube] ?
  5. Where are you skiing?

    In his August 10th blog post, Cliff Mass wrote of the real possibility of another La Nina for the 11/12 winter.
  6. Summertime!

    I thought this was going to be a thread about Porgy and Bess. [video:youtube]
  7. People's favorite 5.12 climbs

    Liquid Nitrogen, Wart Wall, 11worth.
  8. Leavenworth objective hazards.

    Getting your alcohol-sodden self from the pubs and bars to whatever face-down-in-the-dirt-bagging spot you find yourself in the next morning. At least, that's what I was told.
  9. 12 WAC Members and Fixed Ropes on The Tooth

    On a glacier it's often easy to go around large, slow parties. Especially when your cruising the Easton on your snowmachine because it's not in any wilderness area.
  10. 12 WAC Members and Fixed Ropes on The Tooth

    The Tooth is not in any wilderness area. When the south face is gummed up with big parties (which is quite frequent IME), drop around the corner and do the SW Face. Fun climbing that's no harder than 5.5, with lots of room for variations. The N ridge is also a consolation if you aren't into the adventure of the SW or W face routes.
  11. Tumwater and Icicle Canyons closed

    NW Granite report
  12. FINALLY! Bin Laden DEAD!

    Yeah, good luck with that...
  13. Oops.

  14. Name our server

  15. lend a ledge?

    'Smoke Out' is the lower and smaller. 'Big Honker' is the upper, larger, sloping ledge. I "slept" on Big Honker just for the hell of it. More like "dozed fitfully". I have a ledge I built that I slept on (just for the hell of it) part way up Dana's Arch, that also survived a big flake pulled off Uncle Ben's at Squamish that punched a hole through the fabric (since repaired.) (Mine is the upper) You can borrow it if you want the big wall experience.
  16. Charlie Sheen vs. Qadaffi

    About 9 posts per day?
  17. Charlie Sheen vs. Qadaffi

    If by "Kenny Powers" you mean "cocaine psychosis", then yeah, he's definitely possessed.
  18. Bad experience at Feathered Friends

    Pins designed to be pulled by hand...
  19. Vegans with Pets

    Depends on how you use it.
  20. What internet inaccuracies lead to!

    It seems that they may even have enjoyed it.
  21. Time Suck Thread

    My current favorite...
  22. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    That series jumped the shark for me at the point of the hole-in the-ground-incident near the end of the second book. (Unlike Dru, I don't want to be a dick and give away anything )
  23. black history month

    I believe Feck nailed it with Gil Scott-Heron's refrain. Otherwise... there's this coupled with this
  24. Say it isn't so...

    "Photo 4: Another of the Redbull bolts above the Col of Patience" -The caption for the above picture, from Colin Haley's blog post about the topic at hand.