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  1. It's time to part with my Mountain Tent. This tent is the one for high altitude storm days. Super bomber! It's in very good used condition, looks and performs like new with the exception of a small crampon hole near the front bottom of the vestibule. Was patched as soon as I returned from that trip. Everything is pictured including packed weight with 9 snow stakes. Buyer pays shipping and transaction fees if any. 775.790.1704 Thanks -Doug
  2. Boots are in very good condition having been worn only 3-4 times. Soles are practically new, insides are perfect. Some dust/dirt. I would keep them but they are just a little too small and my feet say "next". They are on sale now at backcountry.com for $247, normal $325. My loss is your gain. $100 +shipping and any transaction (eg: paypal)fees. Please send me an email as I don't log in here much anymore. Thanks - Doug
  3. Climb: Mt. Logan-E. Ridge Date of Climb: 5/12/2004 Trip Report: 11 consecutive days of outstanding to decent weather saw us fly in from Kluane, bypass several camps, drop caches, and from 12000 go light (everything is relative!)to the east summit in 3 days, and return to Andy's. The lower knife edge was in poor condition with sun rotted ice on the south but nice firm alpine ice on the north. The upper knife was not an issue. Very high winds (60 and gusting higher)on summit day but with relatively warm temps it was entirely managable. A great trip! Gear Notes: Ya need ta know how to make good snow anchors or be prepared to leave lotsa gear on descent. Approach Notes: Fly from Andy Williams at Silver City.
  4. Black Diamond Carbon Fiber Cobra Ice Tools - sold syudla at yahoo dot com gear sale
  5. WTB: Womens ice boots

    For the wife who doesn't climb often. She climbs in her ski boots now which works quite well but sorta sucks on approaches. Size 40 - 40.5 Please email to syudla-at-yahoo dot com. Don't check in here often.
  6. Trip: Mt. Whitney - East Buttress Date: 6/20/2007 Trip Report: Decided to do this route solo on my way home from work. Left the Portal 5:15 am. Back at Portal a little before 3pm. Faster than I thought, funner than I thought. Looking up route. Looking down route. The Peewee stalactite. Gear Notes: Approach boots, Rock shoes Approach Notes: N. fork
  7. BD Vipers, new style, excellent condition. This is the full size hammer. I think I still have the micro. Will throw it in if I find it. $275 includes shipping. LaSportiva Mythos size 8 US. Stretched to fit my sz. 10 foot exactly. Very good condition, lots of rubber left. $40 includes shipping. A steal. Garmont Tower alpine boot. Size 44.5 euro. These seem to have shrunk some. Do not fit my sz 10 foot anymore tho they did. Suggest 9-9.5 sizing. Again in good shape with lots of tread . After market insole included. $60 includes shipping. Please reply here or via email (preferred) as I don't log in much.
  8. Belay Jackets?

    Rab and PHD
  9. Experience with Petzl side locks?

    In other words ditch 'em.
  10. [TR] Mt Goode - NE Buttress 7/17/2009

    Your shoes look tired. Good trip.
  11. F.S. Rock gear and more

    Tri cams: pink, red, brown, 3, 4, 5. Some used but in great condition $10 ea or $55 all 6 sold Old Chouinard hexes. 2 #2 and 2 #3 $4 ea. Wild country #8 rockcentric - slung. $5 sold HB cams #3 and #2.5 Used in good condition. $25 ea. Or $45 both Wild country old (short stem) zero cams. purple, green silver. (aid set) Un-used. $30 ea. Black diamond ice spectre. $10 sold Petzl antibots. New in package $10 sold Soloist self belay device. Excellent condition. $40 pending GoLite hooded wind shell. Un-used Sz. medium $35 sold Patagonia wool 1. Un-used Sz large $35 sold
  12. F.S. Rock gear and more

    Much closer to a #1 and 2 camalot.
  13. 50 Classic Climbs of N.A.

    Dick Long is the orthopedic guy to see here. He's has an incredible pic of Hummingbird in his office. Inspires me to never go there either.
  14. Best of TRs on CC.Com

    I like my last TR.
  15. Trip: Fairview Dome - Lucky Streaks Date: 8/2/2008 Trip Report: Yup, its good. The .9 undercling traverse is freakier than than the .10d crux.
  16. F.S. Cilogear 45

    I think its V2. All straps included Oh yeah, size med. Small tear where cord exits main bag. Minor abrasion from use. $125 shipped to lower US, will ship international for whatever it costs. Pack This is the sort of odd bivy 'pad' included. (More of a hard plastic) 3/4 z-rest fits frame/bivy pocket though if you remove framesheet. Tear. If you PM me, please be patient, I expect to be away for the next several days.
  17. Cilogear Worksack 60L

    I've got a 45L sz. Med. for sale if someone is interested. Been to lazy to Ebay it.
  18. F.S. Cilogear 45

    I really do mean minor. BTW frame sheet is un-bent as I never used it.
  19. fuck all y'al!

    Poster of the Winthrop barn. Musta been blues festival day.
  20. Your Climbing Heroes

    Add George Lowe Chris Jones
  21. Moab or SLC???

    And, uh, Telluride for ice.
  22. Cilogear?

    I have not had success in getting my pack repaired either. Luckily I never got as far as sending it in since I also had gotten no response from him. So I'll do it myself.
  23. Wanted: Multipitch pack

    http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524441776413&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302699687&bmUID=1208676582713 Use it for most muti-pitch day stuff. Doesn't have a floating lid. Mines a little older but I think its the same.