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  1. Wtb aztarexes or aztars

    I'll trade you a 12 figure grid reference to a cache on the Dais glacier on Waddington...
  2. Wtb aztarexes or aztars

    Hey DPS, thanks for the reply. I have thought about the Venoms, but I prefer the Aztar (they actually climb ice pretty well, the pick is great), plus I have a stack of picks for them. What are you looking to sell them for?
  3. Wtb aztarexes or aztars

    You know you have some hiding in your closet. I want'em. At least one hammer. Email me at mocco88 at hot mail dot com. Thanks!
  4. Fire gave us a major detour up to Pemberton after almost driving into it! I'm in Vancouver, how can I get pink back to you?
  5. Nice TR. We were up there on the weekend and bootied a pink tricam from near the top of Viennese. Was it yours?
  6. Brand new, sitting sadly in the closet. Can meet in Vancouver (BC), or ship if you cover cost. $400.
  7. Dynafit Tourlite Tech (TLT) Bindings

    I'll take them if benxski doesn't. I'm in Vancouver. let me know at mocco88@hot mayl dot com. Thanks!
  8. Scarpa phantom 8000

    I'm pretty sure that's a lowball troll. Complete with reacharound.
  9. WTB/T - Pata. DAS (past season) M's Md

    Hey, I have an Arcteryx Squamish hoody, very similar to the Houdini in a med that I'd sell for $90. It's new, with full zip. Let me know at mocco88 at hot mail dot com. You send me cash, I throw you the idol...
  10. I've done that crossing. Used 2 BD ovals, clipped to the top cable. Pretty much any larger gate biner will work, and use your cordelette for the tether so you don't have to bring any special gear. Heard of someone who once brought a bike U lock over the whole traverse just for the cable (!) I walked the middle cable. I think walking is the way to go, a friend tyroleanned the lower cable and found it hard work pulling his carcass and gear up the last half. If you walk, you just have to push giant balls and cones out of the way, kind of like being on Knockout. Nice to have 2 biners on separate tethers so you can pass the balls and cones while staying clipped in. Make sure your tether isn't too long either. Trying to prussic that if you fell off would be a tiring exercise in frustration. That leather glove trick is cool, have to remember that one...
  11. Bivy sacks, pads, bindings

    Hey, I'll take the betamid if you are willing to send it to Vancouver BC. Happy to send you cash asap to cover mid and shipping. PM or email me at mocco88@hotmail.com Thanks!
  12. Few things FS

    Hey, if you are willing to ship to Vancouver BC, I'll send cash for the OR gloves and shipping. Email me direct at mocco88 at hotmail dot com. Thanks!
  13. Don't have any technical knowledge of the fabric, but spent a rainy, stormy and cramped night on Mt. Baker in a Brooks Range Rocket tent my partner had. I believe he said it was made from Cuben fibre. Us two sweaty fartbags woke up dry. Neither the rain outside or the condensation inside were any problem. One night isn't a very conclusive test, but I was impressed.
  14. So, I'm having a little obsessive freakout and can't decide: have pairs of both Petzl Aztarex and Grivel Matrix (with the funky horns). Like both for different reasons, Aztarex blue ice pick is really nice for ice and a lighter tool, Matrix is comfortingly burly in alpine and climbs ice ok as well. I'm not a hard climber by any means, and I know both are fine for my level. Should only keep one pair, so I'm looking for opinions as to which it should be. Grivel? Petzl? One of each? Give up snow and ice and just ski and sport climb? What do you think?