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  1. Garmont Adrenalin AT Boots

    I sent an email to T-P and they responed right away with a price of $455 and told me that they ship via UPS and it should only take 3-5 days to get them. I wasn't doubting your price CJ, but taking the opportunity to make contact and see how they responded. I have never bought from a european gear store, but I think I may give it a try. I don't have an unlimited budget, but I have had plenty of frusturating experiences with internet purchases gone bad that I wouldn't take that risk to save only a few dollars. The difference between the REI price and the T-P price is enough to get me to try them though. I will post my experience after I get my boots.
  2. New climber

    For the Cascades the same thing applies. There are plenty of walkups and as comfort and skills grow there are always more challenging objectives.
  3. Garmont Adrenalin AT Boots

    Thanks for the suggestion of Telemark-Pyrenees. I am getting a quote from them. I think that I will steer clear of cham3. That place sounds like a horror show. I was planning to get them with my REI dividend, but I can just convert that to cash.
  4. When will it stop snowing?

    28 Inches in the last 24 hours at Paradise . Shouldn't have to worry about water this summer.
  5. Garmont Adrenalin AT Boots

    Thanks for the help Zoran. You are the first person that I have found who has actually toured in them.
  6. Garmont Adrenalin AT Boots

    Thanks for the confirmation guys. I am not expecting it to tour like a featherweight setup, but that is the price you pay for the power on the decent.
  7. Frayed Labrum

    I just got back from seeing a shoulder specialist and he is recommending arthroscopy to fix a frayed labrum. He said that it was quite possible that I could be back to working out in 10-14 days after the surgery. I was wondering if there is anyone who has had a frayed labrum cleaned up and what their experience was.
  8. Frayed Labrum

    I had the surgery on the 23rd of December, so tomorrow will be two weeks. It turns out that the labrum was in pretty good shape. There was a small fray that he trimmed, but that was not what was causing the pain. It was a huge number (+/- 300 according to the doctor) of little bits of cartilage. In the video it looks like it is snowing in my shoulder. The pain was from the bits getting caught between the humoral head and the glenoid. The surgeon sucked them all out of the capsule. They were not visible in the MRI, but I am glad that I had the surgery even though it there wasn’t anything obviously wrong in the images. I could feel there was something wrong and so could the doctor. I can lift my arms above my head without pain, which I couldn’t do before. I am not sure when I will get back to climbing, but I am hoping for the end of the month.
  9. 2nd Annual CC.com Photo Contestizzle

    Scenic Moonset over Chair Peak
  10. Skinning up the resort slopes

    I have skinned up at Stevens. I was not hassled at all by the patrollers. In fact I chatted pleasantly with a couple of them. Just make a conscious effort to stay to the edges of the runs. If you are going up to Timberline I am sure that they will be fine with it as it is very common for people heading to the summit.
  11. tubbs vs atlas

    I prefer the Atlas, but they really aren't that different. The binding on the 12 series is the fastest in and out I have seen. You might check them out if you are looking for a simple binding. They are the most expensive though.
  12. Your Seattle Seahawks

    I am sure that there is some psychological advantage to winning a game between the teams with the two best records, especially this close to the playoffs, but neither team will really know what they are getting from the other. It is specifically because they may meet in the Super Bowl that the coaching staffs may hold something back. If you were watching two weeks ago when Peyton Manning was grabbed by the turf monster while dropping back to pass you will be able to understand why Dungy would understandably be reluctant to risk injury to key members of his team. It is not that I think that the Colts will trot out the scout team, nor do I think that they will not want to win the game, but I have heard interviews with their coach in which he stated clearly that a perfect season was secondary to getting ready for the playoffs. That was of course before they lost the perfect season bid. I would expect that they will be even more focused on the playoffs now than they would have been had they beaten the Chargers. I guess we will see on the 24th.
  13. Your Seattle Seahawks

    The Colts will not be a test at all. Most of their starters will be in baseball caps by the third series. They have nothing for which to play. The Hawks should win, but I wouldn't get too excited about it. They need to win to get home field and the Colts already have it. I too think that this year will be different in the playoffs. I think that hosting the games will help, but the fact the we are really good is more important.
  14. Snoqualmie Pass Conditions

    Plenty of good ice to be had at Alpental on Saturday. This looked like a pretty interesting line with a great finish. Full Size The start is on the left as the right is a thin shell with water flowing beneath. Not sure about the center section, but the top looked great. Very little snow on Chair Peak, but some interesting looking drips around the south shoulder and Bryant.
  15. micromanaging

    No you were nagging. Micromanaging would have been if you watched him grade the papers and commented that he was grading them in the wrong order.
  16. Rad (1986)

    Unfortunately it is not. The DVD I found on ebay was made from a VHS copy. The quality was actually pretty good. It wasn't any worse than a VHS move. For me the Send Me an Angel scene was awesome, but the first scene with the bit of vert riding was the best. I had a half pipe and watching the best riders at the time was so RAD.
  17. Rad (1986)

    I don't think that you can achieve the 80's mystique with anything that is being made today. The film makers today would be loath to give into the bad acting/predictable story to create stuff like that. Oh, wait, no they wouldn't. I say give it a go. I gave my brother a bootleg DVD of it for Christmas last year. He was 4 when the original came out, but he loves the move. I am not sure that is reproducible, but it may be worth a try. It would be comical to see Bart Conner as a climber for Team Black Diamond. Back in the day he may have been able to pull down though.
  18. Help getting up the mountain!

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to climb Rainier so that you can say that you did it. If nobody talked about the peaks they had climbed this site would be nothing but spray. It is mostly spray as it is, but that is not the point. If transplant wants to climb Rainier for any reason he should do it. I am not saying he should try for the summit this weekend, but there is nothing wrong with making Rainier the goal. Who knows where he might go in mountaineering after Rainier. When I first saw Rainier from Red Square I knew that I wanted to climb it. I grew up on Orcas Island and the tallest mountain there has a road to the top. I wasn’t a climber, heck I was barely a hiker, but I wanted to climb Rainier. I never could put my finger on it, but I am sure that at least some of it was want to tell people I had done it. To non-climbers Rainier is a much bigger deal than it is to old hands. Transplant, if you want to climb Rainer the best thing to do is get hooked up with some more experienced climbers and start building skills. That could mean taking an RMI trip, a Mountaineers class, or finding a partner in the climbing partners section.
  19. 2nd Annual CC.com Photo Contestizzle

    That is what I'm talkin' 'bout.
  20. 2nd Annual CC.com Photo Contestizzle

    If Annabelle was keeping you company at the belay that would help the picture.
  21. 2nd Annual CC.com Photo Contestizzle

    No way. The camera was maybe tilted a little bit, but not much because that's how steep the wall was there. Took the pic on the NE ridge of Alberta in a spot where the whole side just falls away onto the whole general N Face abyss. I don't know why the ground looks so funky I am not ripping it or anything. It is just if you rotate the image the crazy undercut chasm of death looks like a ridge. The climb actually looks just as steep and exposed.
  22. Frayed Labrum

    My Doc does not think that the tear is bad enough to warrant repair. He just wants to clean it up like you would with a meniscus. The surgery is arthoscopic, not open as yours was. In truth we really don't know the extent of the damage as the MRI didn't show a tear that he says he can feel on examination. I guess I won't know the truth until after the operation.
  23. 2nd Annual CC.com Photo Contestizzle

    It needs to be rotated 90 clockwise. It is still pretty sick though.
  24. Pioneer Organics

    We are thinking about trying their service and I was hoping to find others who have. What did you think? How was the quality and value? It seems like a pretty good deal all around and it would provide an incentive to eat more fruits and vegetables. I believe that you can even get organic . I will have to try that.