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  1. WTB Atlas Snowshoes 1030 or 1230

    I found a pair online.
  2. beta on coleman deming

    It hasn't been cold, so snowshoes it is. Thanks for the update.
  3. beta on coleman deming

    I am planning a trip this weekend. Was some form of flotation a huge help last weekend, or should we plan to leave the snowshoes at home?
  4. AT Skiing on Sunday

    After having ridden the lifts all of my life I am going to give Randonee a try this Sunday. Anyone have any suggestions of a good place where my buddy and I can cut our teeth? The NWAC says we should stay home, but the gear is rented and we are going. Thanks for the help.
  5. AT Skiing on Sunday

    Went out, had a great time, didn't die in an avalanche. All in all a good trip. We went to Stevens as the avalanche reports were just to bad. Thanks for all of the great suggestions.
  6. AT Skiing on Sunday

    What I meant was that we are going if it means that we have to buy a lift ticket and ski at Stevens then we will. We are going skiing, not looking for an avalanche.
  7. Pack questions

    I really like my North Face Summit 45 for this type of trip. It would work for a light overnight, and can swallow a good deal of gear. The best feature for me is that it just feels so good when I wear it. Carries like a dream as someone said.
  8. St. Helens climb/ski

    The MSHNVM site has a report from 1/28/03 which says that there is no snow at Marble Mountain Snopark, and that the snow doesn't start until 1 1/2 miles up the trail. They say that there is no snow on the Lahar. I don't know if they mean just the bottom or what. I sure hope that conditions are better than they make it sound. I am planning a trip on the 15th.
  9. Give your $.02 on Altimeters

    Actually, you can take your Avocet to most jewlers and they will replace the battery. I only sent mine in once. The jewler can't do the deep adjust, but they will change the battery in about 5 minutes. If you are on the Eastside Lake Street Diamond Company in Kirkland charges $8 for a new battery.
  10. Stolen?? Atlas Snowshoes

    If you were on Mt. Pilchuck on Sunday and picked up my snowshoes, one hiking pole, and the rubber point protectors for my crampons would you be so kind as to give them back?