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  1. These skis were skied 18 times. One ski has been drilled twice (once for G3 Ion and once for Dynafit TLT) and the other ski has been drilled once (Dynafit TLT). Topsheet is white with a few black and red accents (pre production model). They were freshly tuned at the start of last year but only used twice afterwards. Some base scratches but nothing major. If looking for a lightweight ripping ski that can take some abuse, look no further. Asking US$170. I live in Vancouver, BC but I will be in the Seattle area on weekend of Oct 24th. If interested, PM me.
  2. soloing the Picket Range - help!

    SWS20, the SPOT works fine even in the rugged cascades. I used it on a 5 day northern Picket traverse (little beaver-whatcom-challenger-fury-luna-access creek-big beaver) last summer and I was able to check in with my wife and kids at all locations, whether on the trails, while bushwacking or in the alpine. It would work equally well in 911 mode as well. If going solo, one could get away with a pretty light pack as well. what does a soloist need beside a little clothing, stove, food, bag, foam, and siltarp? a 35-40L pack would be plenty.
  3. soloing the Picket Range - help!

    If you have never been there, I would think it might be difficult to find your way out gooddell creek exits, either from the Mac Spires or chopping block area - much easier going south to north as Wayne suggested. Not sure of your climbing skills, but the entrance and exit up and over Whatcom is quite nice, safe and easy. long trail hiking and potential for bears but nothing too severe. Access creek also works and goes quite easily, although it helps to finds the log jam to cross on. I would not recommend wiley/eiley.
  4. Pack thoughts

    have you seen MEC's new version of the Genie? the Genie DSL. If you take off some of the straps and bungee, it is very similar to the genie and the top pocket is more accessible. http://bit.ly/aBsvSw
  5. found a sleeping pad on the way up Eldorado. Please email me at sziff@stgeorges.bc.ca with description
  6. Boston Basin-Torment Basin-Eldorado??

    mistermo, you are correct, if referring to the step between the taboo glacier and boston basin. but there is another step between torment basin and the taboo glacier that is slightly more challenging and exposed.
  7. Boston Basin-Torment Basin-Eldorado??

    two summers ago (in august) I and two others followed the ridge you mentioned from eldo to torment, we then dropped down into torment basin and continued to boston basin. there was nothing but a few moves of class two and the rest was pleasant hiking with beautiful views. any difficulties on the ridge closer to the eldo side are avoided by climbing snow on the eldo side (north). you might find trouble crossing from torment basin to the taboo glacier basin, but it is just an issue of route finding. it can also be easily rapped or belayed depending on the direction you are going or how sketchy you find it. I was up in the eldo area this past week and noticed quite a bit of snow on the traverse. have fun
  8. Marble Creek approach

    was just there a few days ago with the guys you past on temple's east ridge a few years ago (todd and andrew). I would recommend up eldo creek, across to triad col below the glacier faster than crossing up high and going along glacier, although the eldo glacier is not heavily crevassed up high (we felt no need to rope up). however, having come out via dorado col, I would think that staying at the high camp on eldo, and getting into marble creek via dorado col and then returning to the high camp on eldo after the climb would be faster and easier than camping in marble. having said that, the bivy spot in marble (there is at least one near the moraine as you get off the glacier you descend from triad col) is beautiful. all depends on your preferences. either one will be great. hope this helps.
  9. Forbidden descent

    rob, regarding the descent from the gendarme on the east ridge, don't gut pulled into good looking gullies with rap slings. just stay as far left (skier's, that is) as possible, until you are at the top of the last gulley that descends to the high camp. when the snow has receded, look to the rock on your left (skier's) and you will see some ledges that zig and zag past the usual melt out spot. usually takes anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours from summit to high camp.
  10. It looks like the one that comes with the MSR stove hanging kit.
  11. that didnt take long

    a few years back, they asked for permission to put in quite a few very posh huts across the spearhead traverse, so who knows.