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  1. Fish single Portaledge FS

    I have a hardly ever used Fish single portaledge FS - in great shape. Pictures and price are here... http://home.earthlink.net/~kamerrill/forsale001.htm [ 06-21-2002, 11:02 AM: Message edited by: icemancometh ]
  2. holds

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  3. FISH Single Portaledge FS

    FISH "5-season" single portaledge for sale. In really good shape with the heavy-duty 5-season rain fly. Retails new for $535 - selling for only $350! I have some picts of the ledge at http://home.earthlink.net/~kamerrill/forsale001.htm e-mail me directly at kamerrill@earthlink.net
  4. FISH single portaledge for sale

    That's what it's called my friend.... it has been up El Cap a few times - thats kind of a different planet!
  5. Climbing Holds for Sale

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  6. FISH single portaledge for sale

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  7. Sharkfin Tower

    I found it enjoyable to do in an overnight. We wen't up late afternoon on Friday and camped in the basin. We got a casual morning start, bagged Sharkfin and were down to the glacier by eleven. Then we turned and headed-up the QS glacier and bagged Sahale, came down, grabbed gear and were eating Mexican food by 7pm on our way back to Seattle Sat. night. Next day, soothe sore muscles by climbing at index!
  8. knives for climbing.

    The Spyderco Ladybug is a nice little knife. It has a small hole in the handle so that you can sling it and wear it as a necklace.
  9. FOR SALE: 6 cams

    I never thought I would say this but I have too many cams.... make me an offer. I would prefer to sell them all in one shot. Reply to me directly at kamerrill@earthlink.net 3 #00 Hugh Banner Quadcams (red) 1 #5 Metolius Quadcam (black) 1 #6 Metolius Quadcam (green) 1 #? Outland Tricam (green - same size as the yellow Metolius tricam) [This message has been edited by icemancometh (edited 05-02-2001).]
  10. Climbing Rope Rugs

    Awhile back I think that I saw a company that makes rugs out of old climbing ropes. Does anyone know the company? Even better, does anyone know how (have directions on) how to weave one? --> Thanks for the help. There were several books that I found at the B&N bookstore that had directions to weave several differnt types of "mats". I made one out of a 9mil in under an hour. I looks so damn nice I don't know if I want to walk on it though! [This message has been edited by icemancometh (edited 05-04-2001).]
  11. Climbing Fee Resistance Strategy?

    >In case you're wondering, the money you pay at the booth goes to the US government general fund and then is redistributed to the parks as the feds see fit. On average, Rainier receives about 3% of its gate take on which to operate a budget.< Good points. Your info regarding gate money is not exactly true. Mount Rainier is part of the NPS fee demonstration project. Aproximatly 80% of the fees collected at the gate stays in the park and becomes part of the Park's FY operating budget. The remaining 20% is kicked back to the fed to be distributed. Fee demo parks are, within reason, able to charge what they would like as an enterance fee. Also of interest to this group: From this 20% collected from all the parks involved in the project, former NPS Superintendant Stanton developed the Public Land Corps Initiative (2.6 million). This pool of money is availiable to any unit within the system through a granting process(including NPS historic sites, monuments etc.) to complete backlogged trail maintence projects. This money can only be utilized in conjunction with youth conservation corps and is designed to blend the concepts of parks, youth, service, etc. Some of the smiling kids working on completing the last mile of the wonderland trail last year (for example) were the direct result of PLC funding. There will be several youth organizations doing this type of work in the park this year and will be funded through the PLC. If you see them give them a pat on the back for the good work that they do!
  12. Haul Bags

    I have a both - a Fish and a Climb Moab Bag. I also do lots of sewing of outdoor gear as a hobby so I'm a bit of a snob in terms of clean stitching. In my opinion, the climb moab bags are 1) made from a better quality and heavier vinyl and 2) the stitching is higher quality. With that said, I have to say that both are bomber and neither have given me any problems. As for FISH vs. Climb Moab shop service.... I have had good and not so good customer service related interations with each shop. Go figure. If I ever need to buy a new bag, I will probably go with the Climb Moab bag due to its superior craftsmanship. quote: Originally posted by TimL: I'm looking into picking up a large capacity haul bag for an upcoming trip. Does anyone out there have beta on what brands/models of haul bags to shoot for or to stay away from. Any and all information will help. Thanks