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  1. my 1000th post

    um ... okay, dude. congrats on reaching small potatoes.
  2. STAR WARZ ON TV!!!!!!

    i love yoda. it could be good, you know. wait - no darth vader? wtf???
  3. Burning flying snaffle

    ""The squirrel, on fire, slid into the engine compartment and blew up the car." wow; that just seems to funny to be true. do they have darwin awards for squirrels?
  4. I was so inspired by the Sharma flix

    well, seeing how many of those moves leave his feet dangling in the air, i think your claim is baseless.
  5. Grivel North America Hyalite Ice Breaker

    i could be tempted. guess i should wait and see if checks start rolling in for me first, though!
  6. Luke?

    hi distel! long time! wow!!! cute kid! :-) fantastic photos on your flickr pages too. too bad you couldn't boulder while in SLC. guess things have changed, eh? nice to know your still out and about in the world, though ... and apparently doing pretty well. :-)
  7. Shared Summits: 2007 American Ascent of K2

    i'm going. i'm sure there will be lotsa folks there. (unless they are scared of wind.)
  8. who killed archenemy?

    If I had known you had previously scheduled with him, I certainly would have invited you as well. I am very good at sharing. And, the bridge talk was absolutely fascinating; good to know for next time. and you might be surprised what i would find fascinating.
  9. Windy

    i like finding answers.
  10. I was so inspired by the Sharma flix

    you mean a "genius" ... like you?
  11. Reel Rock Movie Tour

    that guy was f'ing funny.
  12. Grivel North America Hyalite Ice Breaker

    that sounds like fun. i wish i remembered how to ice climb. seriously, though, anybody thinking about going?
  13. i like pictures of rock and snow. i don't care what you did on/in/under/over/by them. :-)
  14. I was so inspired by the Sharma flix

    what the hell happened to *YOU* then?
  15. Snow!

    there's a difference between being a juvenile and staying young at heart. i'll take the latter, thank you.
  16. I was so inspired by the Sharma flix

    the most hilarious part of the movie was pringle shrieking like a girl as he topped out - just classic. good on him to stay focused physically while he was mentally shitting his pants!
  17. Steven's this morning... (and meadows, paradise)

    call me when you can't see the grass anymore.
  18. Snow!

    being pillaged sounds like loads of fun. (bunch of juveniles! )
  19. Reel Rock Movie Tour

    exactly what i was thinking - except, unfortunately i didn't think of it until i was at the bar after the show. doh! i did get one though - at least one person in my family is gonna be real lucky come christmas time!
  20. Reel Rock Movie Tour

    that movie rocked! chris sharma on rocks ... rocks! nice to meet skykilo ... and nice to see ryanl and rumr. i so want to go climbing right now ... with my free chalk.
  21. Reel Rock Movie Tour

    15 now ... yeah. not sure i know you? (terrible memory here!) hopefully you know me. (long dark hair with purple streaks if you don't.)
  22. Reel Rock Movie Tour

    not likely. just spew the name of a place. kai's? they have happy hour food and drinks and it's on the other side of the block from the theater ... otherwise, just name a place. i wanna get outta here!
  23. Reel Rock Movie Tour

    i got hooked up! well, not "hooked up" hooked up, but dude from the other thread called me and i'm gonna buy his ticket. i'd be down for meeting beforehand but i'm not really interested in brews. (i'm in more of a tea or pumpkin pie/spice steamer mood.) of course, it would be happy hour ...
  24. FS ticket for Reel Rock showing tonight @ Neptune

    he called me. yay. i'm in!
  25. Reel Rock Movie Tour

    *if* they're going to sell any. maybe if i just show up and stand out in this miserable downpour, someone will take pity on me. (that or i'll catch a cold!)