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  1. Squire Creek Wall -

    Damn edited posts!
  2. LOST 17quickdraws on the bolted ladder Pioneer rte

    Nobody got hurt, right? 'Cause ...
  3. PDX Ice Fest 2009

  4. [TR] Observation Rock - North Face 10/18/2008

    Ha, ha; just noticed that TR was from 2008. Oh, well; my comment stands regardless.
  5. [TR] Observation Rock - North Face 10/18/2008

    Nice work, fellas. Good to hear TR's from the Rock that don't include rifles.
  6. No Treadwall In Seattle?

    Looks like a novelty - like it'd be fun to try, but not a good way to get into great climbing shape.
  7. Into the Wild revisited

  8. Lets go to Montana

    I miss Bob.
  9. Open Water Swimming

    What about "closed" water swimming? I may be looking for some help in that area before I even think about open water ...
  10. 2009 Puget Sound Regional Tree Climbing Comp

    Ha, ha; that looks like good times!
  11. Reel Rock Tour in Seattle - Thur. Sept. 17th@7PM

    Oh, yea!!!
  12. Ropeup 2009!

    Well ... why wouldn't it be?
  13. [TR] Rainier - DC 8/24/2009

    Looking pretty dirty and broken right now! Did you get to summit?
  14. Ropeup 2009!

    A liter of tequila, 20 miligrams of mescaline, some crayola crayons, duct tape, and 40 yards of bailing twine.
  15. Squamish- returning to Seattle 8/30 or 31?

    Hey, Jesse! I can't believe you're living here now 'cause I still haven't seen you since Ouray. I'll be in SF this weekend so can't help you out with a ride this time, but I'd love to do some climbing with you again one of these days.
  16. [TR] Incredible Hulk - Red Dihedral 8/16/2009

    F'ing awesome, John! The Leap will always be one of my most cherished climbing memories. Such good stuff there! The Dihedral looks like beautiful climbing. Thanks for sharing.
  17. WTB Garage Space (near UW?)

    Actually, I just want to rent it. The closer to Laurelhurst the better, but I'm currently renting a garage in Kirkland, so I'll consider a "commute" ... Looking for something clean and secure for my motorcycle and assorted other gear that won't fit in my <300sqft cabin. Willing to share garage space. PM me - my current garage-lord is buying a new place and I might need to be out as soon as August 15th.
  18. WTB Garage Space (near UW?)

  19. WTB Garage Space (near UW?)

  20. [TR] Rainier - Emmons 8/8/2009

    Ha ha. Nice photos!
  21. Craig Luebben dies on Mount Torment August 9th

    There's a little more here: Craig Luebben, tragically killed in the Cascades
  22. WTB Garage Space (near UW?)

    Anyone? Anyone? I have 'til the end of the month ...