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  1. new road trip vehicle?

    look at that shitty ground clearance! you might as well buy an element - at least that comes in AWD.
  2. crosstraining

    Your mom How old are you, dude? 11? he wishes he was 11! (he's certainly way older than your mom!)
  3. Get Stoked

    Bring it, Ullr!
  4. Colin Haley Slideshow - September 30th 7:00 PM

    Yea; Colin!
  5. PDX Ice Fest 2009

    Aren't you a bit early?
  6. Poll on metal

    i like that one.
  7. 9

  8. Ropeup 2009!

    in a good way or a bad way? i was wondering this as well.
  9. Poll on metal

    Good. now....which do you prefer? i already voted. rumr obviously didn't
  10. that's a pretty wicked lookin' spider!
  11. Poll on metal

    Dude, you spelled Metallica wrong.
  12. [TR] Mount Baker - Easton Glacier 8/1/2009

    man, that was REALLY LONG. glad you enjoyed yourself in the end, made it back okay, and learned a few things.
  13. Damn brain tumor!

    I don't hear voices or hums ... but I've had tinnitus for as long as I can remember. I just assume it was from standing in front of huge speakers at heavy metal concerts in high school. Luckily I don't suffer from the typically accompanying hearing loss. Haven't been checked for brain tumors, though!
  14. Get Stoked

    I feel a snow dance coming on ...
  15. Beta for Burnside PRG

    Lookin' like it might rain on my cycling parade around Portland on Sunday. So ... looking for beta on a backup plan -- which might include the PRG off of Burnside. Unless someone knows somewhere I can drytool ... out of the rain. (The PRG said they only allow such fun during the ice festival.)
  16. Lets go to Montana

    You're sick, RuMR.
  17. [TR] Observation Rock - North Face 9/2/2009

    Um ... yeah. One can always hope!
  18. Careful in the Hills This Weekend

    If you live in the Pacific Northwest you shouldn't be lettin' a little chance of rain scare you.
  19. [TR] Observation Rock - North Face 9/2/2009

    But yeah; good on you for getting on it anyway!
  20. [TR] Observation Rock - North Face 9/2/2009

    Man, that does look like crap!
  21. Snowboard Boot Fitter Needed

    Dane means Martin Rand. Sturtevants
  22. Lets go to Montana

    Yes! Yes; I do!!!
  23. What a beautiful climb. He really made that look fun!
  24. Roadtrip to the Sierra with Fred Beckey!

    If only I had a lot more vacation time ...
  25. Three Sisters Speed Record

    I wish I had "supreme knowledge" ...