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  1. Buckner/Booker Col Route

    Oh, Heinie, how can you call our dream trip 'not recommended'? The northerly lobe of the Buckner Glacier didn't look passable in August of 99, and I don't recall seeing a good route from the glacier to the ridge. The southerly lobe may be better, though.
  2. Unicorn Peak

    4-14-01: Well, it's not winter anymore, but the early April snow made it seem that way. Had to start from Narada Falls - the road is plowed but gated. Broke trail all the way in from the road, sinking in a ton even on snowshoes. The basins were full and soft, great for skiing (if only we'd brought them). The upper basin had some windslabs, so we hugged the icy east side of the gully leading to the notch between Unicorn and the west peak. The summit block had some ice and snow, but the southerly aspect made it cleaner, and a nice change from slogging on 'shoes. The new snow made it the hardest 2500' of snowshoeing that I've ever done... HK