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  1. Ingalls in late July

    I find it funny how a simple question about beta and turn into a cut down fest. Blah, Blah, Blah.....
  2. Twin Sisters

    How was the show cover on the ridge?
  3. Shuksan 25th, 26th

    Are you the kid who lost your digits on the N Ridge of stuart. If so, we met at the RMI try-outs back a couple of years ago.
  4. INDEX

    Is the lower town wall dry? Please say yes!!
  5. Where to go?

    Ben Fold Five is the only good thing that came out of NC.
  6. Where to go?

    Maybe the Muskateers can teach me how to get over my fear of rappel and how to light a stove while on belay.
  7. Where to go?

    I heard of a great 4th class scramble on willis wall. There is a walk off route on there, right? I get kind of sketched on rappel!!
  8. S. Mtn. Loop hwy...

    Road report says "closed at bedal". That is a 6.5 mile walk to Barlo pass.
  9. Where to go?

    You mean there are places I can climb indoors and not get wet or cold?? Awsome, where...where!!!!!!
  10. Where to go?

    Somebody give me a place to climb that isn't in any book. I seem to be stuck in a rut!!! I'm looking for something for Saturday.
  11. Dickerman

    Are looking to do that this weekend?
  12. snow/ice/rock climbing gear

    Are you sellin' all of this?
  13. Two guys named Dick

    It is I.....DICK. aka BelaySlave. You guys rock out with your cocks out!!!!
  14. Snoqualmie Peak Conditions

    I have climbed Snoqualmie peak a couple times. The only steep part is in the trees below the ridge. The ridge should be just fine snow or not. Just stay away from the eastern side of the ridge. Kinda steep. One time I climbed Guye and Snoqualmie on the same day and it was wonderful. If you park in the first big parking lot before Alpental ski resort you will go through the trees between the two peaks. Just pick the one you want to do first.
  15. Static Point

    It's been about 5 years since i've been to static point. Any beta from people who have been there recently. Are there still huge run-outs. It was a wonderful place to climb if you liked low-angle slab and tall walls.