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  1. Gym Shenanigans

    You better listen to those expert climbers in the gym. That's where all the root of safety begins.
  2. Real crazy climbers

    You climbers call each other crazy What the fuck are the ropes for
  3. What's going on around here?

    I wipe on the fence
  4. Should Dru Move To Baffin Island

    Dem iniut women got some hot booty. You missin out bud.
  5. What's going on around here?

    Blsablblleblleblel blbleb Depends?? blebllablsalbllblablllblbll Try bablbleblbl tampons
  6. What's going on around here?

    14th rusted out beckey bolt while free climbing.
  7. Non smoking Pub club

    The real hippies have flowers next to their names http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/threadz/online.php?Cat=
  8. Why don't we have a kegger sometime?

    is there a fire hydrant nearby? traks leg can substitute if not
  9. What's going on around here?

    Now this is pathetic Here we have the OffWhite in one corner smack talking people he doesn't know and here we have in the other corner willstrickland backing off. Rage
  10. Source Lake Area

    Post deleted by Ade
  11. What's going on around here?

    blablblelbleb Polish alblelbl bob allblabllelb is lsalg 5.10 blasblalb b extreme bllablb. Washed up alalblalblab elblelbl. Blablale. Wiffle alblaldfbab Offwhite alsdgla gives aladadl head alblalbib to lbllbleelepell sisu. bllelbleblbl I albllelblel am blelelb better than bllelble you since lblelgble I clip bolts blelblleb.
  12. Johannesburg Mtn

    yeah right! I was up there and didn't see any footprints! I demand proof! You guys tricked me last time on the n. ridge of Stuart, it wont happen again! conditions were so bad even I wouldn't have been able to climb that route! you bastards!
  13. i want to push an old man down the stairs

    aren't you guys all high and mighty? must be nice to be so fucking perfect all the time. the article is clear the judge didn't intend malice, therefore, they can't prosecute. it was just a miscommunication with his gardener, you should prosecute him for being so stupid and getting caught. what the fuck do you guys have a problem with? he's a judge and it comes with some perks ok? kinda like owning a car dealership, and repairing your own car, do you charge yourself? fuck no! you get it fixed for free! smoke a bowl and relax, it'll make good firewood.
  14. Eve Dearborn Memorial

    Me and James (aka crippleknee) did it last Saturday in the rain. He cried the entire time. I couldn't believe it, what a whiner. I finallly cut the rope and let him solo down, while I finished the route and performed a beautyful swan dive into Lake Serene. The route is in good shape for suicidal cartoon characters.
  15. Climbing Suggestions

    you might try any of the routes on Willis Wall. They are pretty fun in the winter.