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  1. I broke my ribs windsurfing (yesterday 6/13). I am looking for anyone who wants to exchange a permit from August to my 6/23-6/25 slot. My permit is for the Encantments zone (2 people) entry at Snow exit at Stuart. You will have to pay a $10 fee to change. If I can't get someone to exchange permits, I will offer these permits at my cost ($30). Contact me at markamcclure@yahoo.com if you are interested. -Mark
  2. Snowboard Mountaineering

    I use my mountaineering boots with my standard snowboard bindings and it works ok. If there is some nice powder then it is a great ride, despite the overly stiff boots. I no longer will carry snowboard boots on a climb.
  3. My brother could not hike on Wednesday 8/19 since that is his anniversary. I am trying to sell them to recoup their value. I paid $44 for two tickets. Send me an email if you are interested at markamcclure@yahoo.com.
  4. Stuart Range traverse

    I had always hoped to link some climbs (Dragontail/Stuart/Prussik/Snowcreek/etc...)on an Enchantment trip starting from 8-mile cg and exiting at Snow Creek trail. Maybe 4-5 days for the trip? However, that summer my son was born and two years later my second son was born. I haven't really climbed in the last few years, but I am trying to stay hopeful for some day...?
  5. 5 best routes in PNW

    i haven't climbed much since my two sons were born over the last two years. i have good PNW memories of: outer space north ridge stuart adams glacier, mt. adams kautz glacier, mt. rainier pioneer route, monkey face
  6. Kautz route - need info

    1. when i did it in the summer, 2nd tool was not necessary. 2. i never saw any rope near the ice cliff. we carried our stuff to the top and went down disappointment cleaver. 3. two days s/b plenty, but 3 days might help if the weather is poor.
  7. gear on crown jewel 1/6

    To the three other climbers who braved the high winds on crown jewel Tuesday: I hope you made it back ok. Thanks for your help during the day. Please contact me (at markamcclure@yahoo.com) re: the bd express screw and quick draw that I left for you as a directional across from the belay station at the top of pitch 2. Thanks, -Mark