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  1. Leavenworth

    Did anyone get over to the Leavenworth area this week-end? If so, how were conditions? How far up Icicle Creek is the road plowed? Any snow left on the ground? Thanks for any info.
  2. There is a tri-fold lamented version of this at most climbing stores including REI and Feathered Friends. I am not sure who produced it but one is green and has 3 or 4 routes on it and the other is a pinkish color with 3 or 4 different routes. It has all the routes well marked with Muir, Sherman, Hazard, etc. marked. Last I remember it cost under $10.
  3. Ice Tools for Sale

    It does not have the BRS. I have never used one with the BRS but from my understanding the BRS has the tendency to come loose from the shaft causing grief to the user. The tools are used but in good shape with a lot of life left. I will e-mail you a picture.
  4. Ice Tools for Sale

    I have one Carbon 40cm BD X-15 Hammer with leash and Alaska pick for $75. I also have a DMM 50cm Bent Shaft Predator Adze. Comes with original DMM pick and DMM leash for $100. Both are in great shape. Affordable starter tools for those who are young or those who are still deciding if they like ice climbing and don't want to invest the big bucks. [This message has been edited by Robbie (edited 03-26-2001).]
  5. Did anyone get over to Tumwater Canyon this week-end? How are conditions? Any updated info on Castle Rock? How about up Icicle Creek?
  6. Ice Tools

    Sorry - I should have been more specific. The X-15 is a straight shaft hammer. It is the older carbon version and does not have the bonded rubber shaft. It has an older BD leash. I do not know the name of the leash but it is very simple and effective. The Predator is an adze and has the original DMM pick and DMM leash. Both tools are in good shape. They have been used but have years of life left in them. I can be reached via e-mail or the number above. [This message has been edited by Robbie (edited 03-19-2001).] [This message has been edited by Robbie (edited 03-19-2001).]
  7. Ice Tools

    For Sale: One 50cm DMM Bent Shaft Predator w/ leash - $100 One 40cm BD X-15 with Alaskan pick and leash - $75 206/933-0434