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  1. Best length for twin ropes?

    I got pair of 37M Sterling twin ropes for alpine climbs where weight (2.75 lbs each) is an issue and you have to rap off. Unlike most twin ropes, the impact force of the Sterling twins is lower than most singles. The drawback I've found is the tendancy to tangle. I'm surprised how often I've used them.
  2. crampons

    Get the Stubai's with the universal speed binding that has the zytel plastic heel and toe cups. They are really fast to put on and work with any boot.
  3. alpine ultra-light packs

    I got the information about the Serratus Genie from this web site about 8 months ago and bought one. It's under 1 pound and is big enough for day trips. It was only about $35 bucks with the Canadian exchange rate. http://www.serratus.ca/packframe.html
  4. crampons

    If you are doing long moderate climbs in the cascades you probably want crampons that are light, go to Jim Nelson's store's or web site, ProMountainSports.com Look at the flexable aluminium crampons, he's got quite a selection. Talk to anyone who has any and you'll find they bring them 90% of the time in the cascades. None of the big stores like REI carry aluminium crampons. [This message has been edited by Drangsholt (edited 07-05-2001).]
  5. Looking for a good all around harness

    The Camp STH 245 is only 245 grams (8.5 oz.) You can see one on the camp web site www.camp.it I got one from Jim Nelson at Pro Mountain Sports and like it.
  6. Condorphamine Addiction - details

    There were 6 parties trying to do Condorphamine Addiction yesterday. The word is getting out that this is a good sport climb.
  7. Sloan approach

    If you go a little later in the spring, why not go in from the Bedal Creek side? No river crossing, almost 1000ft higher start. I went in that way last June and was surprised how easy it was. However, most of the approach was under snow so the brush wasn't really a factor. Somebody else may be able the rate the brush.