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  1. Big wall climbing In April

    what the hell is a wfr course..is it some kind big wall instruction course? if so..why would you want to go do wall befor you go and take the course...anyways ill be in moab and zion around that time. give me an e-mail...aaronwydra1@hotmail.com
  2. REI return policy

    REI (Return Equipment Incorporated)
  3. Thats General Caveman

    there you go again standered to much of that black metal? or is it whitetrash, twisted snake pussy?
  4. RURP is not POPE; POPE is not RURP

    caveman i think your nominated for most posts. so how do you do it? i mean climb and still drink that mash and talk that trash
  5. Slack on.....

    slack day..we should all slack on in..that is to your local slack line...cause that my friend is where the slackers are at..slacking it up..hillbilly style
  6. FS: Full Climbing Rack

    goldman im interested in the set of cams and some of the biners...i cant get my pms to work so if you can e-mail me we can work something out. my email is aaronwydra1@hotmail.com... cheers aaron
  7. mikey chill drink a i was just wondering what the new teenage pop culture slang was. but anyways i hear the proms coming up? you better get ready
  8. Will Nepal problems keep climbers away?

    the maoist never really seemd to be that bad, in a weird sense, they just hate there corrupt government, the police mainly, for harassing them, but if your whitey they leave you alone. but you still want to watch your back i saw abut 20 of them run through a town..they just looked at me and kept going they where mostly kids an girls with world war 1 rifles and knives. but ya it would be intersting if bush would try and bring these terrorist dowm, it would be like vietnam, you could never tell who was a moist, and youd be in the bush.
  9. mikeadam what da fuck is up with that LMAFO shite. is it somekinda drama queen teeny-bop gay code word? "ssshhh im a bad girl, i had a rice cake, naughty"
  10. Will Nepal problems keep climbers away?

    i was in nepal about 3 days before the state of emergency went into effect. after talking to many moist and non moist, i feel that nepal is safe for tourists, and climbers..however there are areas to be avoided...its all comes down to common sense ..use it when your there.
  11. Thanks Pres - Oil Exploration near Canyonlands

    w you said it, i get tired of that "slipper slope" that same old white, right wing christian, idea of the world. the kind that thinks death to all muslims and anyone anti-american
  12. Zion

    i can see why climb moab went out....they had nothing in there when i was there ...plus that old man at the counter...i can imagine that climb moab is probably better over the phone
  13. Winter Olympics

    the olympics suck as far as im concerned. not the athletes but the idiots that put it on. come on kicking a guy out of taking an energy drink while powerbar,powerade, and all that other crap sponsors it. they need to get there act together there. remeber that guy they wanted to take his gold medal away for testing posative for ganja. give me a break if anything that stuff only makes you slower. that stuff is legal in some countries. anyways i enjoyed the whole tatterd flag thing from ground zero, i feel so sorry for the usa..well i do..but let us not forget all the other countries that have had there hardships, maybe all of them should get away from the real spirit of it, and bring there torn up flags too. anyways 500 dollars for a ticket, you wont catch me there...thats only for the rich.
  14. Zion

    just go and you will find the people..anyways if you do or if anyone goes to moab. do not i repeat do not go to the climb moab store that old man theres an idiot...the store looked like it was going down because the competion in town i think its called peagen mountaineering... has way cooler staff. anyways my best advice is never buy or go to climb moab.
  15. Mt. Borah, Idaho, North Face?

    i have done the southeast ridge in winter but no the north my friend did it this last fall...i think its a go ahead where going to do it this month sometime i think augest would be a bad time of year any other time is good..i think its good in fall