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    I'm sure somebody would love to see bolts added to the upper crack pitches of Outerspace....sure would be safer, and that area sees a lot of traffic. In fact, with bolts we could increase the traffic, and wouldn't that be Jim Dandy? How about a gondola up the Disappointment Cleaver? Anybody object?
  2. Winter Routes

    Alex, Relax, buddy, pal, sweetheart. I can see that you've got winter mountaineering on the agenda and that you have little time for such foolery. If you really want some hot ideas for cold climbs, let me lay a few on you: West Tiger(North Face, of course) in the Issaquah Alps. Try going light--I think that a winter ascent of this manly hill would challenge the hardiest of NW alpinists, but to do this without bivouac would firmly establish you in the serious circle to which you so obviously aspire. The "Great Dihedral" just left of the "River Face" on Bruce's Boulder. In contrast to my previous suggestion, this adventure could develop into a real expedition, what with the requisite ski approach and the fact that very few parties have attempted the dihedral in winter. Since you'll be pushing the limits of NW mountaineering on relatively unknown ground, bring it all: ice pitons, rock gear, bat tent, GPS, bug spray, bolt gun, Dolt Cart, etc. Finally, if you manage both of these worthy projects in one season, you might think about coming in out of the elements and signing up for one of the many splendid seminars offered down at the Pervertical World this winter! I mean, let's face it man, we could all use a few more pointers on how to refine our back-stepping technique! Cheers.
  3. Winter Routes

    Well, I got you a gun, a C2 special with no serial numbers. It's in the candy box. Now, what's this about wasting me? Hemlock, I think it's only fare to warn you that I'm a black belt.....Karate! Geeeehaaaaa!
  4. Winter Routes

    That friggin' Hemlock thinks he's so god damned cute. I wonder what he'd think if he knew this whole thing was a fake. Sure, that agent Wormwood, he was supposed to get killed. Why do you think we hired the drunken bum. The germ formula? That's the really cute part...it's a phony!