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  1. What's happening?

    LOL. Beck that was hilarious. You all have a nice weekend. I'm off to go sport climbin' on Stuart. No Stuart is not my gay life partner..lol. Pen: You are way too phucking phunny. Have a good weekend! [This message has been edited by jblakley (edited 08-17-2001).]
  2. What's happening?

    Dude you're a riot! LOL I happened to glance on your profile before and it was Stratford or some other backwater burg in Wa State and then I glanced at it later (yes I am bored enough to do all of this shit) and you had changed it to Shasta, Ca and carreer to Pro Mountain Guide as if anyone here would give a shit if you were. I like you Pen. Stick around. :-)
  3. Wise-ass wisdom (part II)

    "Gravity is just Mother Nature's way of reachin' out and givin' ya a bitch slap." Royal Robbins
  4. What's happening?

    Egads! Boys we been had!! Hey Matt how's it going? Gonna do some Xtreme hiking with your alter ego Pen? <snicker>
  5. What's happening?

    quote: Originally posted by pen: I'll tell ya what happened genious, Jon and Tim were finally disgusted by all the wit you idiots spew on this forum. I really don't give a shit what you girls want to act like or how quick and witty you think you are. Of all the outdoor hiking/fishing/climbing/hunting/real men websites out there, this one takes the cake for having the most dumb-ass loosers onboard. No wonder the Calif. boys don't take you serious. Your crap is even funny anymore, just boring, i'm outta here. Let's all take a minute to peruse this post and check out the spelling and grammar. Oh yeah I be a whey stoopid looser. I'm going to endeavor not to choke on this little irony sandwich that we've been served. [This message has been edited by jblakley (edited 08-17-2001).]
  6. What's happening?

    Sorry guys it was me. I detonated a small thermonuclear device and the EMP field caused some problems in various electrical devices in the Puget Sound area. Probably should not have set it off in the Icicle Creek area. Anybody heard of any problems up there?
  7. Seeking Stuart Gendarme Beta

    Nice pic Ray!
  8. Other Legend Sightings

    I once had Ropegun2001 spit on me when I inquired for beta to the NE Sod Pillar of Cougar Mtn. I quickly scraped/scooped it into a baggy and now sleep with it under my pillow at night.
  9. Just avoid the routes set by "BC" cause he's a sandbaggin' mofo
  10. Other Legend Sightings

    I see Tom Hornbein in the gym fairly regularly
  11. Wait Ropegun aren't you friends with Sean W aka "The Magnificent Bastard"? Any friend of the Big MB is a friend of mine <snicker snicker>
  12. Ropegun, Just what the fuck do you mean by that? Who are you man? Are you just going to hide!!! You and me bucko..mano a mano..out in the streets now!!! <snicker>
  13. quote: Originally posted by panther: I'm not Caveman bitch. Don't fucking spray on my previous thread Matt Lambert of Seattle Vertical World. Hmmmm...scary language...mysterious alias...no return e-mail address. Now I know who the Captain and Lambone are at least by name. Who are you Panther? Or are you gonna remain anonymous so you can feel safe and cuddly while making verbal hit and runs.
  14. Seeking Stuart Gendarme Beta

    Ray, Is there any water/snow up higher on the route or did you just tank up down low? Did you bivy up on the ridge (around pitch 8?) and how big is the bivy area? Thanks Jim
  15. Someone's shit don't stink

    "God does not play dice with the universe" Albert Einstein "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" Winston Churchill "The game ain't over till it's over" Yogi Beara "Hit Me!!" James Brown "To the moon Alice!" Ralph Kramden "I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me" Beck
  16. Best Pitches In The PNW

    Cocaine Crack - Leavenworth 10a Regular Route Careno Crag - Leavenworth 10a Bo Derek - Leavenworth 10b Canary - Leavenworth 5.8 Zebra/Zion - Smith - last pitch 5.9 Karate Crack - Smith 10a White Satin - Smith - last pitch 5.9 Moons of Pluto - Smith 5.10d Blue Light Special - Smith 5.11a Godzilla - Index 5.9 Flying Circus - Squamish 10a Exaspirator - Squamish - first pitch 10a [This message has been edited by jblakley (edited 08-15-2001).]
  17. The story

    Haireball, You're up!!
  18. The story

    Four years had passed, four years of constant reminders. Every glimpse of a rock face, every postcard of a mountain, every carabiner keychain a reminder of that day. Looking in the mirror........I had to wonder if I still had it in me. Sure, accidents happen and people die in the mountains, but it wasn't supposed to happen to me. And it wasn't really my fault. Even my friends have told me that over and over again. But then why does it plague me so. Why does my gear just sit in the corner? My old partners don't even call me anymore. Deep inside I know I have to climb again. That's what Kristi would have wanted…. Things seemed simple at that time in my life when she and I first met, I was youthful and full of energy ready to conquer the world. Looking back now though maybe I was too careless, blind of my lack of abilities and too willing to take risks. I promised myself to change my ways when I first took her climbing, but I didn’t and my recklessness led to my demise… Remembering is like a dream. Dreams are surreal in color, things are out of place, but in the dream they are natural, the way things should be, the way they have always been. It was supposed to be just something basic. Kristi had been pestering me to go for weeks, so I finally hit the books (Beckey, Volume 3) and found something that would be challenging and suitable for both of us, but not too far out there. Kristi was a very good climber. She pulled down hard at 38 and plugged the pro on Davis Holland. I thought I was a stud because I ran laps on Godzilla. (It didnt matter that even after 2 years of trying I couldnt pull the opening move of The Second Pitch.) This was going to be no problem. Like all trips into the mountains, this one started with us hastily packing the Subaru on a lazy Friday afternoon. Getting to the North Cascades was going to be a casual drive, we were going to miss rush hour. After two hours of driving, we pulled in to the burrito joint in Burlington for an early dinner and a beer. Or two. Beers seemed in order as we were thirsty and having fun, and we knew we'd still make it to Washington Pass before dark. The mood was light; the Mexican beer was dark; I was horny. On the way out of the restaurant, we ran into an unlikely pair -- the mischievous Ray Borbon and the notorious sport climber "Lambone." They too were headed for the pass, but their agenda was different than ours. Different, to say the least. It involved a croquet mallet and ball, but beyond that they would not say, and we didn't want to know. Liberty Bell looked gorgeous in the late afternoon sun and I pointed out one of the 50 crowded climbs that I was gonna do someday. We pulled off and geared up quick to take full advantage of the daylight and crystal clear skies. Kristi was a climbers dream date: gorgeous, easygoing and able to carry her weight and more without a problem. We wanted to get ourselves setup for a solid push tomorrow up Early Winters Spire. We had heard there was some steep sections of ice, but everyone assured us it would be no problem. As we hiked in I was preoccupied with thoughts of my warm tent and how Kristi and I would make it warmer... However, lighting the tent on fire while starting the stove was not one of the ways I had intended to make it warmer. As Kristi and I dove through the flaming vestibule, I lost most of my hair and all my eyebrows. Thank god I had shaved my beard in anticipation of the trip, otherwise things could have been much worse. We both laughed hysterically as we watched the tent melt in a pool of bubbling nylon goo, feeling fortunate not to have lost more than some hair and, for me, a little bit of pride. As the last of the flames went out, Fred Beckey strolled up... "Thought I recognized that stench, seen folks try to burn their tent down like that, but never were they successful, I must congratulate you, a North Face down to the ground, how long did it take?" Embarressed as I was, the simplistic and harmless demeanor of the man whom I had only read about, soothed my wretched nerves. Uhhh, it happened so fast, I guess about... Kristi interupts in her zeal of excitement, "it was under 5 min", as if to impress Fred. She doesn't realize the only reason for this silly small talk that he is graciously engaging in, is due to the fact that she is standing there... naked and me in my wicking rei boxers. Finally, several hours later we find ourselves in the back of the car doubting whether or not to continue on with our misadventure filled trek. Most of our gear had been scorched in the fire, except for the important pieces of gear, we had left the rope outside and the few pieces of protection we owned were blackened, but upon closer inspection seemed to be useable. So the next morning we set off for the climb that changed my life forever… It had been a rough night (in more ways than one). With all of my gear and clothes now a melted pile of plastic, Kristi and I had to take turns sharing my REI boxers. But we survived, despite the frequent trips to the brush (those burritos had taken their toll). But, man! what a night of passion in the backseat of my Subaru! We set off at first sign of light. Kristi strategically placed the shoulder straps of her backpack and wore those cherished boxers of mine. Me? Well, I had the rope and the gear rack... so to speak. We made great timing with our light loads, picking up the pace even more so as to avoid encountering anyone on our approach. Still reminiscing about last night and contemplating our upcoming "climb au naturale", it was almost unfathomable that we ran into Rachel Babkirk the famous Rock and Ice pin-up girl. I managed to stammer out "Aren't..you..uhh..you know..uhhh" "Yeah I'm the hottie from Rock and Ice" Rachel replied without missing a beat. "Have you seen my agent? We're supposed to meet a photographer out here for a photo shoot. He wondered off to mark his territory and I think he got lost". "uhh....uhhh..aren't you.." the strong punch to the shoulder from Kristi dislodged me from my stupor. "Hey do you know you have a big zit on your forehead" Kristi directed to Rachel. "What the f&^%...do you have a mirror!" Rachel replied to Kristi. "Nope sorry..we have to get going..take care trail slu..I mean Rachel" Kristi spat out as she dragged me up the trail by my ear. We pushed on for what seemed like another hour burning more calories swatting at flies than hiking. Just then......
  19. W Ridge Forbidden

    Yeah we actually descended down the other side of the rock. A bit easier. Oh well :-) That couloir was pretty cool though. Nice to get a little bit of everything in on one climb eh. Those two fast dudes you were talking about came by our camp afterwards and said there were four or five parties up there late Sat. Was it really that crowded? Guess we got lucky..we were the only ones on the route the whole day.
  20. W Ridge Forbidden

    Hey Pencil, Yeah we passed by you guys on our way up while you were at the bivy rock. Great climb but yeah those flies sucked.
  21. S. Pickets

    Some friends and I did a couple of climbs in Boston Basin this last weekend and the bugs were numerous and hungry. Worse part of an other wise great weekend.
  22. Computer Geeks

  23. Negativity is bad for our sport

    My only problem with watching a fight on a BBS is that it leaves too much to the imagination. I want to see some MFing hard core gore and violence. Cavey, Lambone would you guys be so kind as to set up a web cam so we can watch you two beat the holy piss out of one another? That would be most kind.
  24. Negativity is bad for our sport

    guys, no offense but I don't think it serves any purpose to argue on the bulletin board. You have access to each others mailboxes why not keep it there?
  25. Lightweight Aluminum Crampons

    I remember this thread being active before but could not find it. Any recommendations on lightweight crampons that will fit over light hikers (no outsole or shank)? Where would I find these in the Seattle area?