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  1. Rock Climbing Washington

    Sexual Chocolate (what the f*** kind of alias is that?) Charlie is indeed a big dude and a nice guy. One of my favorite climbing partners actually. Ok maybe he's a little cranky today but he's a standup guy and he does not hide behind an alias. Everyone also knows who Caveman is. So I guess my point is if your going to start hammering someone at least put your real name in your profile. I think there is a certain integrity to not spraying from behind a pseudonym. So before you spray further introduce yourself at least. Just my humble opinion though. Jim Blakley
  2. Rock Climbing Washington

    Yeah Charlie simmer down. Do the boys and I need to pitch in and buy you another session with Mistress Shirley? By the way anybody have info on the newer routes on Clamshell Cave? They're the two routes that begin underneath the roofs to the right of that 5.9 trad/sport and the 10c sport climb. Sorry I don't have my guidebook with me and I don't remember the names of the other routes. Both route have an initial hanger at the lip of the roof and are a mix of hangers and trad the rest of the way. Thanks
  3. Icicle Creek access

    Heard a rumor that climbing in Icicle Creek has been restricted in certain areas due to the fire. If this is the case does anyone know what areas are affected? Thanks Jim
  4. sponsors wanted

    I'm going to exercise restraint. I have to admit that this thread has a bullseye written on it though. Good luck Nick.
  5. Icicle Creek access

    The area you mentioned is closed then?
  6. Mt Stuart

    Thanks for the beta guys!!
  7. Mt Stuart

    I was going to do it in two days this weekend with friends and was wondering where you guys reccomend bivying? I'd like to get as far up the route as possible on Sat and was wondering how the bivy area around pitch 8 is? Any other beta on a two day ascent would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jim
  8. The Newbie Salute

    quote: Originally posted by OfficeSpace: Yeah and when I pee in your butt I will place some woppers in there just for kicks. Learn how to spell. [This message has been edited by OfficeSpace (edited 09-07-2001).] Antagonizer = OfficeSpace ?? Hmmm I see a pattern here.

    quote: Originally posted by Bronco: Nope, I generally find it too tough to climb in my dress and if it got ripped I woulden't have anything to wear to church. Aren't you the guy seen climbing in drag at exit 38? Maybe I could borrow one of yours. I've got a black lacey number you can borrow. I had it altered to include gear loops.
  10. The Newbie Salute

    quote: Originally posted by Peter Puget: I couldn’t resist throwing in my two cents worth into this thread. I agree that the Antagonizer is a bit over the top and despite being of a heritage that would be considered a target of his derogatory remarks, think that my biggest complaint isn’t with his potential impact on someone’s personal sense of well-being but rather how the penumbra of such remarks affects the site in general. Less egregiously offensive words and comments (e.g. fuck, pussy, bend over bi..) probably cast a more permanent and probably far darker shadow. Perhaps it would be possible to use some sort of censor function that will filter out posts containing offensive language. Peter, While I appreciate your intent, I would prefer that we self-censor as a group through peer ridicule. One day we're auto censoring this BBS, the next Stormtroopers are goosestepping into your bathroom and burning your best porn. Stop the madness! Oh yeah could you please start using smaller words with less syllables? ;-)
  11. The Newbie Salute

    quote: Originally posted by The Antagonizer: Damn Junkie-Thanks for stepping forward and making yourself a target for me. Now I know who's face to kick in. Feel free to identify yourself via IM and I'll be happy to come over and do a little skullfuck on you today. Bring it on. Dude you are the ultimate coward. Spraying all the shit you do behind an alias. Were you beat as a child or perhaps forced to play "Shaking hands with Jesus" with Pastor Grimes one too many times? Your packing around a lot of hate and the foundation for hate is fear. So what are you afraid of? Jim Blakley

    quote: Originally posted by Bronco: I always thought it was a good excuse to skip in church and go climbing. Skippin' in church are ya. Wearing your best Sunday dress? Sorry couldn't resist.
  13. Mountaineering Excellence?

    A few years ago my dad was in town from Indiana and I thought it would be cool to take him up to Camp Muir for the day. He's always been in pretty decent shape so we took off on up and had a great hike. On the way up though some dude comes hiking by us fairly fast sportin the full on Eddie Bauer look dragging his poor 10 year old son behind him. They really did not even have enough stuff to make it to Muir and he turns and asks me how far to the top. I told him that would not be a good idea without more gear and that it usually takes at least two days. He was like "Well it shouldn't take that long and I live near Mt Washington back east where the weather really gets bad, and I've been up that a few times ...blah blah". There was no talking to this guy. He had all the answers. I just felt bad for his kid getting dragged along behind this maniac. Never did see them again. Maybe they summitted and descended out the Emmons side that afternoon..lol Another time a few years back I had just summitted Adams on a particularly cold day and up comes this dude wearing a grey two pc sweatsuit and hightop tennies. It was surreal! I even took a pic of this guy. Funny as hell!

    quote: Originally posted by Cpt.Caveman: Poor technique homey! The problem with the offwidths is that everyone avoids them at the crags most of the time. Then when they do them they got no technique which goes a long way. Also which way you face when climbing is critical.. I say if you are bad at offwidths go do some laps on Damnation Crack and something like Battered Sandwich for starters. I have semi poor technique on them but this year I have been working on them. I often find that even though an armbar or something feels in secure I later toprope and test it finding that it is rather secure to move up on. Plus when climbing OW you usually get bomber cams that are better than anything you can ask for. Yeah I'm gonna work on that. I just got the new Offwidth model hangboard by Metolius for my room. Problem is it's about 10' feet high and is made from about 400lbs of plastic. I'll get it to fit though godammit!

    quote: Originally posted by mattp: Check out the flared chimney on Aries, at Index. I've seen people who lead 5.11 sport routes whimper and retreat from it. Unless you are a truly bold trad climber who specializes in such things, I bet you won't think it is 5.8! Ditto on that one! I would say that if you have flawless flaring, overhanging offwidth technique this would be a 5.8! This climb sticks out as one of the most awkward I have ever tried.
  16. Guides Jumping the Mountain Madness Ship

    quote: Originally posted by Ropegun2001: Newman....chill. Your only recourse is to have PNW legend JBlakley rescue your name and give his blessing. You are forgiven my son. Say 10 Hail Big Lou's and a couple of Your Mommas'
  17. The Newbie Salute

    quote: Originally posted by damngunkie: How do you guys write so much about so little? Must be somekind of record! [This message has been edited by damngunkie (edited 09-04-2001).] Damngunkie, Don't you ever watch Seinfeld? That's the whole premise of the show.

    Ouch your right Erik! Man I'm off my game today. Mom sure is going to be pissed..lol

    "f*** I'm pumped....Jeeeezus this crack is slimy...Mooommmmeeeeee!!!" Me
  20. Best Pitches In The PNW

    Cool. I just tripped across a great discovery then. piss + chalk = super grip. I can just see it now. People climbing with their chalk bag with their Metolius Piss Jar attached! LOL Dru, have'nt been up to Squamish in 4 years or so and I forgot how beautiful the scenery (both types) is and how nice the people are. Canadians rock..eh?
  21. Best Pitches In The PNW

    Just got back from Squamish. Adding "Neat and Cool" 10a to this thread. Name says it all. I was pulling through the second bulge when my right hand slapped into a puddle of water! Very exciting down climb...chalk up..back up..barely f***ing made it! Total fun!
  22. The Newbie Salute

    Sorry Rag-onizer, Don't smoke dope either. Keep trying though.
  23. Stealing fixed gear in the Alpine

    Your partners secret ATM code
  24. Stealing fixed gear in the Alpine

    You kiddin'. If Cavey finds the future Mrs. Cavemen then he's just going to club her over the head and drag her down the mountain by the hair. No pencil needed for that.
  25. Stealing fixed gear in the Alpine

    quote: Originally posted by Stefan: Let's say I came across a rope hanging there with a picket. I see no one around--and nothing to indicate the person will return. Here is what I assume: The lameass who left it does not know how to rappel and left it behind for the retreat off of the mountain. Therefore I will take it. No I did not take it, but if I came across this situation, you damn well better know I will take it. Just be ready for the Karmic bitch-slap sure to find it's way upside yo head.