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  1. People I like on this board

    "Given the choice of to suck or to be sucked I must say I would chose the later" (thick Indian accent) Ghandi
  2. TCU's, who makes the best and why?

    Well I've only ever actually used Metolius so I really don't have any comparison. I can say however that they seem to work well and more importantly look cool.
  3. Mountaineers

    I did the Basic course and a couple of years of the Intermediate course and don't regret it at all. Being brand new to climbing it was a good way to learn the basics and meet new people to climb with. The reason I dropped out is that I figureds out I don't really like the organizational thing. I just like to go out with friends I have climbed with and trust and have a good time. I still think the Basic course is a good program and recommend it to people who want to learn rudimentary skills. Having said that: My biggest beef isn't with the Mountaineers really but the type of people it attracts. They seem to be big on ego and not humble enough to know their limits which fucking scares me. Accidents waiting to happen. I think someone said it before though. I think the bad encounters with Mountaineers can be attributed to one or two dickheads in charge of any given outing. It is funny remembering some of the looks I would get from people in the club when I would crack my brand of humor. Man they are wwwaaayyyy phucking uptight in general. LOL I laugh just thinking about it. I like being as crude as I want to be with friends when I'm out climbing and we occasionally get rude glances at the crag or in the mountains when we're around other mounties. LOL I just want to say one more thing: this whole concept of threating to kick someones ass when they say something you don't like...what the fuck's up with that? I've seen it on this site on a few different occasions. Nice attitude. Please don't kick my ass! :-)
  4. Mountaineers

    quote: Originally posted by erik: man blakley if i ever see you out behind the big toy after school you are gonna eat a knuckle sand-wich!!! now wheres your milk money??? hahahahahahahaha My dad can beat up your dad..so wa wa watch it there bu buddy!
  5. Community? No.

    I happen to think Jon and Tim have done an awesome job at assembling a site that acts as a sounding board for whomever. Is this a slice of PNW climbers? I have no fricken idea. Does it need to be? I don't know. Is that the mission statement. Does it say Cascadeclimbers.com "A guaranteed slice of PNW climbers". Horseshit! A site is the sum total of it's members and I think everyone here contributes in some ways. It would be cool I guess to see a "big name" climber whatever that is, but I don't feel like the site "needs" that validation. I haven't posted much here recently just because I haven't felt like it. No other reason. I don't get too riled up by anything anybody says because I don't take myself or anyone else that seriously. I have received some great informational tidbits almost evertime I ask which at least for me, means this site is successful and helpful. Try the site out and if you don't like it I hear Jon and Tim will quickly refund your subscription fee. Jim Blakley
  6. Chinning Records

    quote: Originally posted by slothrop: btw, what's the difference between a pullup and a chinup, anyway? [ 12-07-2001: Message edited by: slothrop ] A pullup is done with the palms facing away from you while on the bar. A chin up is done with palms facing towards you. I would say chin ups are a bit easier i.e. I can do more of those. Now for the bonus round: "which way do the palms face for a jerk off?"
  7. Physically challenging climbs

    I guess I think of different types of fatigue when I think of climbing. A lot of it depends on my condition at the time. Olympus in three days when I was having back problems stands out as an ass kicker. W Ridge of Thompson in a day in late Sept last year pretty well left me whipped because of just getting back into shape after a long layoff. Then there is the anerobic fatigue of doing sport or short trad stuff. On a trip to Red Rocks recently felt great physically finally getting a redpoint on Sweet Pain only to really feel it the next day. Got totally mind fucked by Apron Strings up at Squamish though this last summer. Mental fatigue!!. I kept trying to sew the damn thing up and since it's a continual lyback I got pumped and gripped. That was a humbler and I think A.S. and I have a date next season!
  8. Holiday Greetings from REI

    Anybody know any stores carrying the new Tommy Morganfinger line of outdoor clothing? I just got to have some.
  9. Krakauer: Good or Bad?

    quote: Originally posted by Ropegun2001: Holly - I thought Chocolate was a chick. He's a guy? I think this individual is non-gender specific.
  10. Krakauer: Good or Bad?

    quote: Originally posted by sexual chocolate: So lizard brain thinks there IS a reality, something objective that stands apart from our perception, and it's our perception that changes or distorts it. Whereas JBlakeley seems to feel that there is NO reality, just our perception, period. Hmmmmm.... the plot thickens.... And Sexual Chocolate thinks that Moonprancing is the glue that binds the known universe together. The plot slickens...
  11. What do you read...

    quote: Jblakely-- if you like Cryptonomicon, read Snow Crash next. Also by Stephenson, and a great story, especially in this, the computer-virus age...[/b] Thanks Marcus, I read Snowcrash a few years ago and then very recently Diamond Age. If you haven't read that I recommend it.
  12. Krakauer: Good or Bad?

    "There is no reality, only perception" Someone Famous [This message has been edited by jblakley (edited 10-17-2001).]
  13. What do you read...

    I've enjoyed some quality climbing literature over the last few years but right now I am reading Neil Stephenson's "Cryptonomicon". Awesome book so far. It's got a lot of pages though and no pictures so I'm a little intimidated.

    Lance Armstrong? Isn't he a designated hitter for the Missoula Marmots? I think he set the record last year for the number of sacrificed field goals batted in or something back in 97' didn't he?
  15. Smith Rock anyone?

    quote: Originally posted by Ropegun2001: See you bois down there this weekend. "He's just a boy!" Mike Tyson
  16. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    Yeah you've got me beat there Dru. All it takes for me to break down is a general nod in my direction.
  17. I admit, I am (mostly) Anti-Bolt

    quote: Originally posted by sexual chocolate: Yeah it's easy for you guys to be all "chill" and "touchy" and shit, but you guys didn't just go through the blender, defending your art. I did. I do what I do, and I love what I do, but it's the ignorance and scorn that you guys express that makes it hard. But I've had to deal with that my entire career, so you guys are actually quite easy. Anyway, I would just suggest a little sensitivity when you encounter something you don't understand. Often, the things we don't understand end up being the most wonderful discoveries and gifts in our lives. What the fu.. This is a joke right?
  18. Rock Climbing Washington

    That's DR. Evil to you young Master Charles. Can someone throw me a frickin' bone here!
  19. Rock Climbing Washington

    quote: Originally posted by texplorer: When is this thread going to end? In answer to question...NEVER. I wrote a script that will automatically log in every ten minutes and post a nonsensical spew of ASCII garbage to this topic thus pushing this thread to the top forever!! a ha ha ha ha..a ha ha <evil laughter> Signed Dr Evil

    Here's an idea for an extreme sport: the object is to poke a thread through the eye of a needle...but only after smoking a bunch of crack and while riding up the Middle Fork of Snoqualmie in a 74' Gremlin with bad shocks and riding next to some dude named Leroy packing a Glock and having been just told you did both his girlfriend Candi Lee and his Mommy/Aunt Lou Elle. The object is to get the thread through the eye while at the same time convincing Leroy that the two women in his life are actually male terrorists with the Taliban. Ok it's late and I'm bored but I would call that extreme.
  21. Rock Climbing Washington

    Thanks Drederick, I only did the left one and guessed it at maybe mid 10? I don't know I'm shitty with ratings. The left one is definitely a 2 or 3 move wonder. How's the right one?
  22. Rock Climbing Washington

    Thanks Drederick, I only did the left one and guessed it at maybe mid 10? I don't know I'm shitty with ratings. The left one is definitely a 2 or 3 move wonder. How's the right one?
  23. stupid question of the day

    What makes gravel that's been peed on safer to fall on than regular gravel?
  24. Helmets

    quote: Originally posted by Matt Anderson: Never trust one of anything Granted, helmets are useful, but I would have titled this thread "Never trust one of anything", not "Helmets". The lesson to be learned is never trust one of anything, not wear a helmet. (just the rantings of a climber trying to rationalize his aversion to helmets . . .) I'm glad to see your disclaimer at the bottom Matt. The only time I consistently wear a helmet is on alpine climbs but I would say wearing one is never a bad idea. You and I both know that even experience and not making mistakes in placing gear does not guarantee avoiding a knock on the noggin.
  25. climber harassment at pearly gates.

    This thread makes me want to break into a rousing chorus of "Ma Take Me to the Clusterfuck Rodeo".