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  1. PubClub, Tuesday June 25

    I'll be at the Nickerson to help you celebrate, v! David, you cannot drive a boat there, but maybe there's a marina on Westlake you can dock at and walk to the Nickerson?! It's on the west end of the Fremont bridge.
  2. Mt. Adams South Side Road

    Talked to a ranger at Trout Lake yesterday: gate will be up on South Spur road 3 miles from Cold Springs till probably the weekend of July 4th. Right now you have to park 3.5 miles from Cold Springs. Marblemount snowpark closes this Saturday. They started plowing the road to Climbers' Bivouac Monday. Parking avail on the south side of Forest Road 83.
  3. Iodine Tablets Going Bad?

    Yes, about one year after opening the Potable Aqua tabs start losing their potency. You can still use them, just use a couple of them per liter instead of just one. [ 06-07-2002, 11:17 AM: Message edited by: jules ]
  4. Rescue Cost Recovery

    Just in case you wanted to tune in, KUOW is not airing a show currently on "mountain climbing." And I just heard from a friend who has seen someone head out of camp on Rainier wearing cowboy boots for his summit attempt.
  5. Rescue Cost Recovery

    FYI: There is to be a discussion on "mountain climbing" on KUOW today at 11am PDT. Streaming audio at KUOW. My perception is that it will be about the costs of rescues, but all they said was "mountain climbing." [ 06-03-2002, 09:49 AM: Message edited by: jules ]
  6. Deaths on Rainier

    quote: Originally posted by Bug: My guess is that his boot blew away in the tent. Very possibly... he fell trying to check on the 1st man that fell, couldn't climb back up in the soft liner and one shell, decided to descend. The decision that very probably saved his life.
  7. Deaths on Rainier

    quote: Originally posted by Lambone: Either way you look at it, this sucks bad... Yep caused by the collapse of a snow cave. One of the climbers stepped on it and punched through.
  8. Deaths on Rainier

    They were all "experienced" climbers, rock & ice. [ 05-30-2002, 02:12 PM: Message edited by: jules ]
  9. Feelings of Guilt

    I agree with Rodchester, TG. I am truly sorry for the loss of your precious daughter, & of these 3 fellow climbers. I imagine you can empathize with these climbers' families as most of us cannot. But I believe that we all would help in a situation like that if we were/are capable, but that we are not responsible for carrying communication devices in order to be notified of such situations. If you had been with a partner and both of you carried radios in order to help the other if necessary, that is still being self-sufficient, and I think each party needs to be self-sufficient that way. I believe no party is responsible for the safety & welfare of any other but their own. As stated before, though, I'm sure we all would/will help when able. Your humility is appreciated, and I think your actions are above reproach. Peace, Jules [ 05-30-2002, 09:21 AM: Message edited by: jules ]
  10. Deaths on Rainier

    2 of the deceased were German, one was US citizen, but not from the Northwest. Not definite, but I perceived the man who was rescued was not from NW either. None had previously attempted/climbed Rainier. [ 05-30-2002, 09:12 AM: Message edited by: jules ]
  11. Arc'teryx...Enjoy them while you still can.

    quote: Originally posted by Stefan: REI owns something like 40% of Arc'teryx. Not anymore. That is the share that was purchased by Salomon/Adidas.
  12. Sleeping at Paradise

    quote: Originally posted by payaso: The climbing fee goes to fill the hand sanitizer in the Muir shitters. Last year I tried to use $15 worth of the stuff before I left.
  13. Pissed off (and pissed on)

    quote: Originally posted by mattp: Jules - Are you and the pup gonna be at Pub Club tomorrow night? mattp, It sure is tempting to sit outside and drink beer with ya'all. We might be there ---- I love dog-friendly pubs! It's interesting to see the heated opinions about this topic. I agree with some, don't agree with others, but I sure get a kick out of reading them all.
  14. Sleeping at Paradise

    quote: Originally posted by dbb: What you're really paying for is to have world class rangers like gator and his staff there 24/7 to haul your broken ass of any spot on that mountain. I may be mistaken, but I believe that the rangers are under no obligation whatsoever to rescue anyone. Of course, unless the risk to their own lives is just too great, I'm pretty sure they will attempt rescue of anyone and everyone in need of said attempt.
  15. Pissed off (and pissed on)

    I agree with Figger Eight... if I OR my dog is being threatened by another dog, I will do what is necessary to protect him and myself. I don't take him climbing or hiking, but he is a huge bundle of people-lovin' fur, and I doubt would ever threaten anyone or another dog. I have worse problems with mean dogs at the off-leash park. People shouldn't take aggressive dogs there, either.
  16. which route to ski?

    6 people died on the lower mountain that year. No deaths occurred above 10,000'. At least 2 of the people who died were descending from Muir in whiteout conditions, I believe Tres was one of them. My acquaintance's body was found over 3 months later in his bivy sack at the confluence of the Cowlitz and Paradise glaciers. It's incredibly easy to get off route in poor visibility, and incredibly difficult to find you once you're lost in those conditions.
  17. SPAM for lunch!

    From "themen2": "Grow your size by 2 to 3 inches."
  18. Adios Compadres

    Have a great summer, will, maybe see ya at Seattle pub club. Best of luck (is luck the thing one would want here?! I don't know) with the book! That is very cool. jules
  19. Volunteer oportunites

    Bainbridge Is.: Puget Sound Environmental Learning Center [/url] http://www.pselc.org/
  20. Thule bike mounts

    I've got 2 Thule full-bike mounts for sale, retail approx $120 each, will sell for $20 ea OBO.
  21. YAKIMA RACK for sale

    And I've got 2 Thule full-bike mounts to sell..... regular price something like $120 each, selling for $20 each OBO.
  22. Tents 4 season 2 man

    Bibler single wall tents are great... the I-tent & El Dorado. The Tempest is good, too, but heavier. Slept (heh----sort of)in an El Dorado at Camp Schurman through a sleet/lightening/thunder storm, there was no leakage, condensation, or damage to the tent. The 2 door weighs about 5lbs. [ 04-08-2002: Message edited by: jules ]
  23. REI thread closed?

    quote: Originally posted by lizard brain: C'mon, dude, tell the truth! They offered you a job!!! They said "Dump the thread, and we'll give you a cush job in the climbing department, and all the reefer you can smoke to lower you IQ!" and you snapped it up. gawd, I love this site. Am I sick?