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  1. personal safety for female and males

    I appreciate the reminder, sisu. If one woman OR man reads this and avoids danger at some point in the future, you performed a valuable service. I perceive very few men understand what it is like to feel vulnerable so frequently as the women with whom I have had this discussion.
  2. Trip Photos

    Great photos, Carolyn! What a neat trip. Makes me wish I was there. Thanks for sharing. Hope we get to meet next time. jules
  3. Rainier conditions...

    quote: Originally posted by RichTurley: Permits for walkups are not all taken, they leave 40% free on a first come basis 24 hours before. Rich But if you get there on Wednesday and say you're going up right away, and you're going to be there all weekend, you will get a permit that goes thru the weekend. And well, that means no spots at camp 24 hours before Saturday morning. That is exactly what happened to me 2 years ago. I think the 1st ranger I spoke to actually laughed in the phone when I called and said I was on my way down, how many spots are open at Schurman &/or Emmons Flats. "They've been full for the weekend since last night!" (I was calling on a Thursday).
  4. Rainier conditions...

    quote: Originally posted by Lambone: We are going to the Glacier Wilderness instead. Right on, have a great time!!
  5. Rainier conditions...

    Get there on Wednesday night to snag permits for the weekends in the summer, they're usually all gone by Thursday morning (in my humble experience). Even then be prepared to camp on the Muir snowfield or Ingraham Flats on the DC route, or at Camp Curtis or Emmons Flats on the Emmons. Caveat: if someone is actually nice to inform the ranger station of the cancellation of their climb, they might re-sell those permits.... not sure though, just speculation. Mike, if you're out there, I defer to you.
  6. I (I mean we) need to apologize!

    I apologize if my new avatar is too big. Nope, looks just perfect. Woof, woof. Thanks, chris. [ 07-25-2002, 11:58 AM: Message edited by: jules ]
  7. Pub Club, 7/23

    I second the motion to drink outside tonight.....
  8. Message Board Maintance Tonight!!!!

    quote: Originally posted by Cpt.Caveman: quote:Originally posted by jules: Did I do this avatar thing right? Hell no obviously not Damn it! Jon, how do I make it one of my own pics?
  9. Message Board Maintance Tonight!!!!

    If this works... never mind the stars are not aligned to have the photo I want as my avatar. damn it. [ 07-22-2002, 09:17 PM: Message edited by: jules ]
  10. ANWR drilling

    quote: Originally posted by shuksan: So, j_b and AlpineK, I say show me the SCIENCE! (journal cites, please). shuksan, Who cares.... medicine is an art, somewhat a science... climbing is an art, somewhat a sport.... recent question I had in an interview: describe a recent situation in which your intuition combined with your expertise solved a problem. Gosh, why would anyone want to bother knowing if my intuition was functioning???? I just have a FEELING... don't drill in ANWR. As a matter of fact, everyone should get the f**k out of there and stop destroying the tundra and taiga by traipsing around doing these g-damned studies. EVERY footstep undoes thousands of years of development. I don't give a crap about fuel, it's the RIGHT THING TO DO. Oh, yeah, it was the topic of my team term paper in Environmental Management at UW. Don't touch it. Period. Go with your intuition and trust me. [ 07-22-2002, 09:34 PM: Message edited by: jules ]
  11. Message Board Maintance Tonight!!!!

    Thanks, Lizard [ 07-22-2002, 04:22 PM: Message edited by: jules ]
  12. Message Board Maintance Tonight!!!!

    quote: Originally posted by trask: yep, unless your name is leo- then you're a ... .... a lion??!!
  13. Message Board Maintance Tonight!!!!

    quote: Originally posted by v: Jules - Is Dragon back in his own yard yet? I hope so, I can't find him on this website anyway! And yes, I am an avatard!!!
  14. Message Board Maintance Tonight!!!!

    oops, I told him to stay in the yard today!
  15. Message Board Maintance Tonight!!!!

    arrrgghhh.....i...can't....do...it.... [ 07-22-2002, 01:42 PM: Message edited by: jules ]
  16. Message Board Maintance Tonight!!!!

    Did I do this avatar thing right?
  17. Missing friend

    Phil, please keep us informed as to major developments regarding the search for Brian. My thoughts and prayers are with his friends & family. julie
  18. Basecamp Cuisine

    Hey, Jim, Kind of depends on how much weight you want to carry. Canned stuff? Freeze-ahead and pack it up inside your cookpot? Clam spaghetti freezes well and reheats quickly. Phad Thai requires a couple of canned items (bamboo shoots, baby corn, water chestnuts). Email me if you'd like recipes. Julie
  19. partner for rainier liberty ridge

    quote: Originally posted by danielpatricksmith: As this is a greater than average snow year, Mike Gauthier posted here a while ago that conditions above 8000' are just average this year. Just FYI.
  20. 'zis weekend

    quote: Originally posted by iain: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SK I'll second that! Hope it's a great year. jules
  21. First Peak

    First learned the "rest step" in Camp Fire Girls a long, long time ago, but I'll be darned if I can remember the names of anything we went up (heck, ending a sentence with a preposition again).
  22. ANWR drilling

    Do not drill it. Little gain for a price that can NEVER be repaid.
  23. WANTED Titanium Cookpot, 1.2-1.5 L

    quote: Originally posted by Cpt.Caveman: I would slander the store mgr and kick him in the gonads if he got on my nerves though. Cavey, the store mgr there is a woman.
  24. Fred, I believe that packs, tents, bags, etc are actually considered hard goods in the industry. Soft goods = stuff you wear. That aside, I love Arc'teryx apparel and packs - excellent quality, no superfluous crap, some nicely specialized pieces (packs). No extra fabric flapping around my arms with their outerwear, no bulky storm flaps, or pockets that I can't figure out what to do with (damn, I hate ending a sentence with a preposition). TNF, Marmot, Mtn Hardwear, Sierra Designs all seem to be headed in a similar direction, going for some of the trimmed-down ultra-light pieces with which Arc'teryx led. Mammut does some great Schoeller pieces, but I love my Arc'teryx Gamma LT just fine. I have used and since replaced: TNF Kichatna parka (I could have put a pole in it and used it as a bivy sack); Jagged Edge - WAY too bulky Primaloft jkt Moonstone - fleece jkt with cuffs that nearly cut off my circulation... and I don't have thick wrists; Mountainsmith pack - I should have run the other way when I heard "all the bells & whistles" come out of the salesperson's mouth. Still like my Marmot Driclime and Vindi windshirts. Love my REI Downtime and Sub-kilo bags. If I think of any more opinions, I'll send you a PM. jules