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  1. Ultimate SportsMobile

    Ummm... why not Allison? What if Allison and I take our cars to the same place? Anyway: Matt's Greenwood Autocare on Greenwood Ave. Mention a regular customer referred you and you might get a 10% discount. He's the absolute best I've taken any vehicle to, he's honest and tells me when I DON'T need new brakes, and I've never had to take my vehicle (Subaru) back to him and say, "hey, Matt, you said you fixed that thing, but it's still happening." He gets it done right the 1st time. Been taking my car there since I bought it 4 years ago. [ 09-09-2002, 09:57 PM: Message edited by: jules ]
  2. Feathered friends

    quote: Originally posted by David Parker: Leon Lloyd Bean once said, "treat your employees like they were your best customer." Makes me wonder how management treats the employees at FF. If they are not happy, it will reflect in their customer service. Retail sales is not very forgiving and neither is the American public. While we may blast REI for not having technical savvy employees, at least they try to give you service with a smile. Thank you, David, and I'll pretend I didn't hear that part about that other company that sells outdoorwear.
  3. Dont look now....

    quote: Originally posted by sk: WOW!!!!! that is a LOT of REI Only what the market will bear, sk, only what the market will bear.....
  4. hike ideas

    T- Yellow Aster Butte - see route descrip in "75 Scrambles in Washington State," by Peggy Goldman. It's in the Mt Baker Natl Forest, not the NP. PM me if you want me to fax you the pages. Lots of little alpine lakes for the doggies, wildflowers are probably crazy in-bloom right now. Huckleberries and blueberries, too. Book says 2 hours from B'ham, more like 1.5 unles you stop 15 times on the way. Gain 2800' in 3 miles, summit the Butte at 6241', and camp below. P.S. It's not a scramble, it's a day hike that's hard enough to keep some crowds away. Scramble up Tomyhoi Peak next morning for even better views.
  5. vapor barrier socks

    Haven't had the need to try it with my boots, my Lowa Civettas are awesome, but I always wore plain old sandwich baggies (yes, I have small feet)right against my bare feet when lacrosse season practice started (sox over the baggies). We usually started in December, and played in everything but lightning, and my feet were kept nice & toasty running through freezing water/mud puddles. I read somewhere that to be effective VBL s/b right against the skin, and baggies definitely don't breathe, so my feet did get sweaty. Just took off the bags, dried my feet, and turned the bags inside out for the 2nd half. (Make sure you're not tying your boots too tight and strapping your crampons too tight as that will help cut off circulation and freeze them toesies, too. Been there, done that.)
  6. Wildflowers?

    Hiked through Grand Park in the northern part of MRNP a few weeks ago, it was spectacular then, probably even better now. PM me if you want more details. jules
  7. Flying with fuel.

    Had my unused isobutane canisters confiscated from my pack on the way to Calif a few years ago.
  8. WTF? What kind of criminal charges would they have been able to bring? I don't get it..... web page
  9. Hmmm... so, TG, you're saying the liability would rest on the climbers who were inexperienced (even if they were the ones who died). I guess I see your point, but I agree with Iain about being responsible and realizing that less experienced climbers are part of the risk. Definitely agree with you about not wanting to see the setting of a precedent like that. I really don't see how they could assign blame based on experience level: the law: "we are holding you responsible for the deaths of those other climbers because you are inexperienced and you know it. What made you think you could climb that route/mtn/conditions given that you are so inexperienced?" inexperienced climbers: "we thought it would be OK/how else are we going to gain experience?/lots of other people do it, some of 'em in running shoes and Levi's."
  10. Pub Club, 8/13

    I'll miss you guys tonight, too, have fun!
  11. The hard line at Return Every Item

    For goodness sakes, people, I go on vacation and look how bent out of shape ya'll are about a return at my store. Tom, has your situation been resolved? You will get that tent returned or replaced, I promise. PM me, David Parker is right: I will drop some names or offer other assistance. You did not get appropriate results. You are also right to assume that the webmasters and copywriters for rei.com are not necessarily end-users (at least, that's the thought I gleaned from your post). So I am not surprised, although I am chagrined, to learn of the category to which those tents are assigned. Thanks, I think I can easily remedy that (damn, another preposition-ending sentence...). And to everyone, because I respect each & every one of you, or at least you probably crack me up on a regular basis: caveat emptor. Do not assume that what is printed in the media or on a stupid website or in religious documents (unless they have to do with banning the devil from your Florida hometown ) is the absolute truth.
  12. Non-Dog Friendly Crags

    I don't take my dog to the crags, don't plan to. He's only 10 months old, and my lifestyle changed when I got him. I don't get out there as much, and that's the choice I made.
  13. The Personals

    Drink of choice: Chianti from Fattoria Luciagno, somewhere in Italy. If I can't find that, any Oregon Pinot Noir. If I can't find that, Mirror Pond. [ 08-01-2002, 10:25 PM: Message edited by: jules ]
  14. The Personals

    quote: Originally posted by Dave Schuldt: Jules- I saw your ad in The Stranger, I won't say what section. ssshhhh.....
  15. The Personals

    us mountaineers we have no fears we do not care for riches we knock our cocks against the rocks us hearty sons-a-bitches* (* trask excluded in the mtneer' class)[/QB] I... can't... breathe... must... stop... laughing....
  16. P. S. on Rainier Geezer Climb...

    Hooray for your successful summit attempt of Rainier! I am filled with awe every time I'm on that mtn, call me a gumby, I don't give a hoot. It is magnificent, I understand how you feel. Don't stop now. Maybe Shasta next?
  17. The Personals

    quote: Originally posted by sk: who's next jules Hmmm... this is fun, sk...... how about Dave Schuldt?! No, wait, you haven't met him in person yet. We may have to do this offline first, consult, then post online. Oh, yeah, this could get really fun!
  18. The Personals

    trask: 40ish, athletic, huggable cuddler seeks friendship first with beautiful, free-spirited adventurer. Open-mindedness a plus.
  19. The Personals

    C'mon, sk, let's write trask's!
  20. Climbers stuck on Glacier

    So happy to hear you are all back in one piece. Thanks for sharing your story. jules
  21. Your avatar?

    alli, you made me laugh out loud! Nice job!
  22. Your avatar?

    quote: Originally posted by sk: my avatar picture is a photo of one of my tatoos. My husband drew the picture for me for my 25th birthday. To me, it represents my "higher" spiritual self or gaurdian "angel" if you will sk, that is the coolest tattoo I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing. jules [ 07-29-2002, 09:09 PM: Message edited by: jules ]
  23. Your avatar?

    quote: Originally posted by David Parker: Because I liked frosted flakes as a kid and I embrace all the qualities of a large, wild cat! David Parker, I needed that! Oh, damn, another sentence ended with a preposition.
  24. Your avatar?

    quote: Originally posted by sayjay: because some day i'm gonna see this view in person... SWEET! Maybe you can get your astronaut-pilot's license, and take me too!!!!