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  1. Pub Club 2/4

    I'm worried about Dave, he hasn't posted to this thread yet........ Dave Schuldt, where are you?!
  2. More important than "State of" thingdeal

    Good job, grrlz, I am very proud of you both!
  3. State of the Nation Address

    Good point, freeclimb, and thanks for the article.... interesting.
  4. State of the Nation Address

    available today OK, you're right, so let me add "...affordable and readily available..."
  5. State of the Nation Address

    The hydrogen powered car is a good theory, unfortunately, a viable vehicle is about 15 years of R&D off. In the meantime, the current electric/gasoline hybrid vehicles get ignored, even though they are a much more timely means of reducing our dependence on oil. Big oil wins again!
  6. State of the Nation Address

    Yes, I was surprised, and I will be more surprised if Bush's leagcy is more than opening up roadless areas to motorized vehicles. But considering the huge budget deficit we currently are suffering in this country, where does he think the money is going to come from? More tax cuts aren't going to HELP.
  7. approach shoes

    I have loved every pair of Adidas trail-runners and light hiker shoes I've ever owned (currently have about ---oh, hell, I'm not going to admit how many pairs of shoes I own!). Fit is narrow, though, so if you have a wide foot might not work for you. Maybe they come in wides?
  8. Well said, and much appreciated, Colonel!
  9. A Quiz

    I can't believe I missed this thread last week! Who said this? "We need an energy bill that encourages consumption."—Trenton, N.J., Sept. 23, 2002
  10. Non smoking Pub club

    ...and makes my throat hurt, and my eyes sting, and my sinuses swell shut... so I choose not to go to smoky places much.
  11. Non smoking Pub club

  12. Non smoking Pub club

    I would be more likely to attend if p.c. were at a non-smoking venue, but since my attendance is quite sporadic, I don't think I should assist in making the call. Esp after the last time. Of course, it's sporadic partly due to not wanting to inhale a bunch of 2nd hand smoke.
  13. Erden's story on King 5

    Erden, Best of luck to you on your adventure! It seems to me a fitting tribute to Goran, as well as an inspiring undertaking for all of us. I look forward to reading about your progress. - Jules
  14. Seattle Pub Club 1/14/03

    Sorry, Dave, wasn't feeling well on my way home from work, so I stayed home last night. Hope y'all had fun!
  15. Seattle Pub Club 1/14/03

    I'd show up for a pub club at the Blue Star!
  16. Overdue skiers

    Tracks spotted in missing skier search 01/03/2003 By KING5.com Staff and Wire Reports CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN, Wash. - Searchers looking for a pair of skiers overdue from a three-day outing in the mountains were following tracks discovered earlier in the day, a Yakima County rescuer said Friday. The tracks were spotted via helicopter earlier in the day, according to Don Thompson, a volunteer with the Yakima County Rescue Coordination Center. Thompson said the tracks started at about Chinook Pass and were within about 3 miles of Dog Lake and about the same distance from Highway 12. Rescuers strongly suspect the tracks belong to the missing skiers and hoped to continue their search until dark, Thompson said.
  17. Seattle Pub Club 12/31

    Sorry you missed us, Treadtramp, it was kind of an early evening, esp for new year's eve! Klenke, I went home and STAYED there. Glad you guys had "fun" in Fremont! Thanks for the entertaining evening, it was great to spend the last pub club and evening of the year with friends I have met through cc.com.
  18. Seattle Pub Club 12/31

    Looks like we're going to the Latona instead. 6:30/7:00PM??
  19. Seattle Pub Club 12/31

    How about the Jolly Roger??
  20. Seattle Pub Club 12/31

    I'm in!
  21. What do guys want for x-mas?

    Hey, ChrisT, My SO was ogling the paella pans at The Spanish Table in Pike Place Market. Maybe throw in some rice and seasonings?
  22. AA

    Pagan curiosity has the best of me, Monk..... was it Pontius Pilate?!
  23. Patagonia - kudos

    They're the ones they make now.
  24. Gotta never-used Mammut 9mm 50M dry rope for sale.... retail is ~$125, will sell for $80 OBO. PM or email me.