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  1. Couple of more days left! Was 22 when going through this morning at Ainsworth. AInsworth area best I have ever seen since I moved here in 1999. Ainsworth Left and Right are incredible with a few more days of below freezing temps and new flow that I have not had a chance to explore a few drainages west is in as well. Also a large flow further east of Ainsworth is in from what I can see behind truck stop but not sure if there is private property to cross to access. Not sure what this one is called or if it has ben climbed.


    Was 25 degrees coming back from Crown Point and everything is in. Crown still has higher flow than usual, but could be climbed on the left side. The gorge (84/14) road conditions are amazing compared to roads in Portland.

  2. Ainsworth looks awesome, Cape Horn has some flow but looks in on several lines, Mist is misty, Crown Jewel is not in too much flow, and even falls to the right of Multnomah is in. 84 is clear to Ainsworth until Friday afternoon. This weekend will be bad on 84, especially Sunday. Be safe, assess each climb before jumping on and have fun!

  3. Just drove HR to PDX to hopefully catch my flight tomorrow. Saw climbers topping out on Crown at about 4:30pm. It was 32 degrees when I went through. Watch overnight temps tonight and take it slow. Good job on Ainsworth Powderhound.

  4. Come on you Sallys! No one was out this morning when I drove through at 9:30am and the road was clear. I did 60 mph in a Honda Accord from HR to PDX this morning. Looked like I saw some specs across the way on the sunny side in WA. At least WA climbers are hard! Ice has been forming up well. Everything looked in, but a little thin. Even crown jewel was in fully but thin on the lower 1/2. Climb to the right of mist looked in if you start the upper falls on left side and work up and right. Ainsworth looked good, but was being blasted by spindrift from a truck as I went by. Get out there! Should be even better tomorrow and it has not been above freezing since Tuesday. Was 19 when I went by this morning and zero wind. I think the wind aspect will change when this new system comes in....

  5. Saw some guys in a silver Audi heading in to crown jewel on my way to work. Further east and the ice is as good as. I have seen it in a decade. There is a line east of aims worth due south of the truck weigh station mp 45 that is the first time I have seen it look climb able. Get it while Ito is still around!

  6. Drive in from Hood River to PDX every day and have watched the ice form all this week. Crown Jewel filled in quite a bit from yeaterday and almost completely iced over (few holes). Conditions get better further east. Mist falls looks thin but I think the weekend should be good. Stay safe. Saw 3 rollovers on the way in this morning! Sorry if there is another post on this. Just trying to pass the time while stuck in traffic.

  7. Came through the gorge this morning as I so daily for my commute. Ice is forming well and dare I say that some lines MAY go at exit 35. Crown Jewel is close and best its been all season but not in yet. Lines east of Multnomah forming nicely. If up for some adventure, tomorrow looks like best opportunity as warm weather moving in tomorrow afternoon. Cascade Locks has been colder than PDF and hood river by a few degrees. Low tonight is supposed to be around 20 with freezing rain moving in around 6am. Be careful out there!

  8. I moved out to HR but work in Portland so drive by all of the regulars every day. As of Friday afternoon (even with the big freezing rain episode), some stuff may go but very thin. The main issue is that it is way above freezing during the day and there is a lot of flow. Some of the seeps further east look good and stuff around Exit 35. But I wouldn't even waste my time with mist or Crown Jewel. My only caveat is that I have not been by since 5pm on Friday, so if it stayed really cold all day today, some ice may go tomorrow early. I wouldn't get on it, but maybe I have become an ice snob in my old age, especially when you have some stellar ice not too far north in WA.

  9. Maybe for this year, but I always prefer May as the weather seems more stable on average. A little colder yes, but I went up and down in mid-May in 13 days without a single weather day. Just is something that cannot be controlled.

  10. Saw a recent picture out there and the entire walls surrounding the falls is coated in ice. Probably not classic water ice but more like spray ice like you see forming up out in the gorge and that intro area. Looks like it will be cold for quite a while out there!

  11. Awesome! I did a very similar trip after graduating from college in 1998. Headed to Quito and acclimated on GuaGua, then climbed Cayembe, Cotopaxi and Chimbo. Then headed down to Bolivia to climb Illimani, then to Peru to the Inca trail and then down to Argentina to climb Aconcagua. Finished off the trip doing the circuit in Los Glaciers, hanging with Steve Schneider after his first solo ascent of the central tower of Torres and hitchhiking down the Carreterra Astral getting fropped off to flyfish untouched Patagonian rivers. You will have very few chances in life to do a trip like that again once settled into a career, family anld responsibilities. Enjoy it while you can. I took money from savings to do the trip. When my Dad, who was a stock broker, questioned me on my return on my investment for the trip vs. keepingit invested. I simply replied that it was "priceless." I still feel that way today, 13 years later.

  12. Correct. The GPS is not for you as a stand alone, it is for your rescuers. Much better than an MLU and is supposed to have really good accuracy. McMurdo has been in the business a long time and produces quality PLBs and ePirbs for the ocean. I am no expert in this arena, but did a lot of research before I pulled the trigger on the PLB. Plus, my wife feels a lot better when out on the big pond and in the mountains.