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  1. 5 climbers missing on Hood

    Fox 12 in Ptown said they were stuck at 9,800'? Drive a snow cat up there! Hope everyone makes it down safe.
  2. Poison oak

    NecNu as suggested works well. You really need to focus more on your clothing and not touching your face eve to wipe sweat. Poison Oak and Poison Ivy (although Poison Ivy is East Coast) have little tiny pustules (think of micro paintballs) that coat the leaves. When it touches something the little balls attach to the skin, clothing whatever. Usually, and I stress usually, if you do not touch the balls on your body or clothing, you can wipe it off your skin in cold water before they break open. Make sure to wear long pants and long shirt, gloves. Also, be careful when undressing. The palms of your hands and fingers cannot get poison oak as the pores and skin are too small, but you can get it on the back of your hands. Also, immediately dump the clothes in the washer without any other clothes. I've washed my clothes after being in Poison oak and just carrying the clothes with exposed arms to the dryer was enough to get it on the inside of my arms. YechNu is awesome and works well. It is an oil based soap and gets off the stuff that soap and water would not. Take a shower with this stuff as soon as you strip down. Whatever you do don't burn it. People usually have to be admitted to the hospital when inhaling oak or ivy fumes as the swelling will cause their throats to close up. If you do get it, try and dry it out or if it gets really bad go get on a run of steroids fom the doc. My rule is I can handle it for the week or so it is on my body unless it hits the nether regions and then I don't mess around and go get steroids.
  3. Hood or climbs outside portland

    But skiing beats walking down the south side any day! Even if you don't want to ski from the summit, skin up to Crater Rock, ditch the skis and then ski all the way back down to your car.
  4. Torn ACL

    PLC, you will play soccer again as well! I play for two over-30 leagues in Portland and one open league. Three games a week and he knee gets a little sore every now and then, but I had the patella (quicker recoIvery, will bothler you more than hamstring later on), but not enough not to play. No knee brace or anything. The main thing to remember is to constantly stretch it as much as possible as soon as possible. You sdon't want the scar stissue to hinder your flexibility duriong the healing process. yes, it hurts, but you have to do it.
  5. Torn ACL

    I had a complete tear of my left knee ACL in May 2003 while descending Denali to pick up a food cache at 9,700'. I did not realize this tear and continued climbing to the summit and back down. When I got home, I completely forgot about the knee injury, even though I heard a pop when I caught my ski tip and fell. Fast Forward t the Spring of 2005, I got into triathlon and decided I was going to do the Pacific Crest 1/2 ironman for my first race. I was doing a ton of running and my left knee started to hurt and feel sore. I stopped a run on a Thursday night 1/2 way through and decided to rest it becasue I was going bc skiing in Spray Park on Rainier over the weekend. Well, just as I was about to drop down onto the glacier, I simply turned around to pick up my pack and my whole knee colapsed. I thought I had just oeinjured the same knee like on Denali and it would pop back in, but it didn't. After hopping out to the road and my buddies carrying my pack and skis, then driving back to Portland, word was it was a torn meniscus. No MRI and surgery was two days later. After surgery they told me the meniscus was fine and just trimmed it up but that I had a complete tear of my ACL that had defined scar tissue and had been there for several years. They said I could get it fixed or just leave it but because I like to climb and ski, that it could happen again in a place where I cannot get out as easily as hopping for several miles. I said fine, but it was right before summer and even though the 1/2 ironman was out, I figured why not enjoy the summer sans ACL and get it fixed in the winter. So I spent all summer climbing, fishing, hiking, doing everything I did between Denali and the present without an ACL. I climbed Rainier in July with no problems and then had the ACL surgery in December. My doctor was with the Portland Knee Clinic who works on active atheletes all the time. He told me that the hamstring will take 2+ months longer to recover, but you will have less complications later in life and your knee will not be as sore. I chose the patella surgery and was in the gym 10 days after surgery and running within a month. My quad had atrophed quite a bit, but I just worked out regularly and no problems. I did not usea personal trainer or use rehab, but I was also training for the 1/2 ironman I missed the year before so was riding about 150 miles a week and running about 40 miles a week. I did the Vlue Lake Olympic triathlon firs weekend in June, 6 months after surgery and the 1/2 ironman in Sunriver 2 weeks later. My opinion is that the surgeon is what helps the most with recovery. I have a friend who had to have an ACL replaced 10 years ago and it started bothering him again. He went in to a knee surgeon and they took out too much, had to have reconstructive surgery again, and is still on crutches. he had the first reconstructive surgery in December and is still on crutches today (I know b/c he borrowed mine). The doc told hi he wopuld be back on his feet in two weeks. Now there is a malpractice lawsuit pending. I also met a young guy in the gym my first night back (10 days post op) and he was doing knee exercises. he had ACL surgery and was on crutches for a month and in a leg brace for 4 months. he said he could not run for 6 months and had the hamstring surgery. He said it still hurts and that he has trouble a year later. he was a fit 22 year old male who played AAU and college basketball. he could not beleve that I was up in the gym 10 days after surgery. Find a good doctor who comes highly recommended. Talk to people about post -op and find someone who will push you. That is how I found my doc after talking to friends who had ACL surgery. Three of them recommended the doc I went with and none had complications after surgery and recovered the fastest out of all those I surveyed. For Portlanders, his name is Dr. Richard Rubinstein. As for timing, that is up to you. I gave you my story to show that you can live without an ACL. I climbed skied, did everything without it. yes, when I pushed too hard, it cause my overstressed meniscus to tear, but I lived for 2 1/2 years without the ACL and still did everything I like to do. Good luck!
  6. Weather for this weekend at mt Hood

    I was driving out to Hood River at 4:30 and the lenticular was in perfect form. The lenticular over Adams was less formed but was starting to. I will post a pic soon.
  7. Weather for this weekend at mt Hood

    It was a huge lenticular camped out over Hood all day yesterday and one forming up over Adams. I took some pics but the fiance has the camera. As soon as I can get them I'll post it up. Did not look good to be up there yesterday afternoon and it told me to cancel any idea of heading up today. Sorry you were caught out in it....
  8. PDX'ers its Drew P. Hansens Birthday on Saturday

    Mmmmmmmmm.......Domilise's........Best Po Boy in the world! Winter, if you haven't been, then you have to go. It is required. Was down there two weeks ago for a bachelor party during French Quarter Festival. Dinner at Arnaud's on the upper balcony, music, a crawfish boil at a friend's house out in the Garden District, and Po Boys from Doms to cure hangovers..........I weighted 10 lbs. more than when I left! Oh, Happy B-Day, Drew!
  9. PDX Climbing Urban Wall

    I just read that the City of Portland is flush with money due to development on the West side but that Multnomah is in the negative.......I am just saying that the bridge in Chatanooga built in theearly 1900s and still in use (limestone) was drilled. Are there are stone bridges around Portland like that? or all steel? it would be awesome to have Thailand-esque routes coming off of the Morrison or Burnside Bridges. They are retrofitting the Sellwood and Sauvie Island bridges right now. ouldn't they find an easy way to allow for bolts and hold holes? It really would not adffext the structure......I know this is a pipe dream....
  10. PDX Climbing Urban Wall

    John, is it because they were pout up without permission? I know the guys at Rock Creek Outdoors who got the Parks Department to put up the wall. it runs like a regular climbing wall, with membership dues, it can be rented for groups, and staff to monitor and set up routes. Maybe that is too organized for most, but it would prevent the routes from getting chopped and by the time you ad up all the investment you lost on gear being chopped/removed, you could have simply paid the parks Department for a membership and still have the ability to climb there....Thanks for the update kev. It hslds trees up on the highway side? So, they cannot be used for climbing?
  11. PDX Climbing Urban Wall

    If you drive on I-5 North past the Portland Blvd. exit but before you cross over to the Island, you will see some climbing holds drilled onto the noise barrier wall on the right hnd side. have no idea how to access these. Also, someone needs to put up some routes under the bridges by North portland off of Interstate just past Widmer! Those would be some sweet routes! Chatanooga did it, why can't PDX? They bolted and added on holds to the Walnut Street bridge right in downtown Chataboogie.
  12. New Hood tragedy book.

    I wonder if he has even climbed Hood? Or in the Cascades? He is from New Mexico and written other books on climbing but have not ever seen or heard of them. I am curious just to see what his point is and what his "facts" are. But, I am sure, tht is what he is banking on for book sales.......
  13. ban kevbone

    The thread is a joke, he's not getting banned. I am on rock climbing Bill , and the ice, and looking at conditions on Alpine Lakes, North Cascades, Oregon Cascades, posting TRs, etc. You found one thread out of his 4,300 posts? I know he posts in RC and other forums. I am sure he is a really nice guy. He's even willing to buy me a beer, and I know, from meeting a lot of you at Rope Up, that their online personalities do not truly represent who they are in person (ahem...Dru). So, I am sure he is an awesome dude. He just says more dumb stuff than the average poster. Maybe he is easier to pick on and part of it is because I am on a computer and not in front of him. I know I can be a dick too, especially behind the anonymity of the interweb. As an aside, what an awesome day it was today!
  14. ban kevbone

    I never once had a problem with the guy until he started personally attacking me about3 months ago. I never said a word to him and am rarely in Spray. I rarely read what he has to sayanymore because it isn't worth addressing. He would probably have more aquaintences on here if he did not personally attack everyone he disagrees wyith. he has never once, to my knowledge posted a TR or positive climbing beta and contributes absolutely nothing to the site that is climbing related, besides climbing stuff considered Spray. Even Trask and PolishBob would throw a TR out every now and then......... "Then shut the fuck up. Because apparently you do. " See what I mean????
  15. Accident in the Ruth Gorge

    Wow.........This is terrible, terrible news. Chad is one of the most amazing and friendly people I've ever met. He talked about Lara as if she walked on water. My condolences go out to the Kellogg family, her family, and friends. You are in my prayers.
  16. ban kevbone

    I don't mind the useless spray. It is the fact that he acts like a complete idiot and may have an IQ less than 20. He is an absolute dumbass. That doesn't make him a mean guy or affect his niceness, just that he asks the dumbest questions and tries to justify useless points made. He reminds me of the Billy madison quote, "Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."
  17. Wang Dang Doodle 2007, May 17th-20th

    I just found out this was started about three years ago by a guy wanted to celebrate his 40th birthday and prove that he "still has it." He turned it into an annual event for friends and anyone else who wants to join him and picked mid-May as the current heading out to the ocean is at its stroungest with snowmelt coming down. Still, a huge excursion over 4 days.
  18. ban kevbone

    I am.
  19. Portland vs. Pullman

    Well if you are looking to replace the PDX restaurants then a trip to the Tp Notch Cafe in Colfax should make you feel right at home! The Red Door is an over-rated restaurant in Moscow and taere is one decent place for dinner over by the movie theatre and one great lunch spot down by the train tracks in the center of town. Pretty cool wine shop though. If you are into fly-fishing and upland bird hunting for pheasant, this place is paradise. I don't mind going if I get to do these things on the side, but outside of that I personally could never live there. To each his own though. Definately a much more conservative community except the way too far left Moscow Mountain hippie communers just over the border. makes for interesting political discussions between Moscow and Pullman though!
  20. Portland vs. Pullman

    I travel there for buiness weekly. The only good thing about that area is that there is descent fishing close by. That is it. Other than that it is in the middle of nowhere. Moscowites all have soapboxes to stand on and nothing gets done and the two communities whine about what the other is fdoing. There is not much to do there especially coming from Portland, but if you like really small towns hat are not that pretty, then you may like it. Cost of living would be a plus! And some aice comes in during cold durations! They are college towns so if you are single watch out. Its college or middle-aged divorcees. Watch out!
  21. This weekend I almost

    Yeah, I'v never fished up by the footbridg. Always down below the big pools where it moves into more of astream. The fish are tight-lipped but think it is due more to the pressure. I've had great success out there in the winter when few folks are around. Kind of like Jackson's flat creek in August. if you get there opening day, you will have 30 fish over 16" within a few hours. Try the same thing two weeks later and you will be lucky to get a rise at all.....I'll PM you some stuff on Crab Creeks. They get pressure too, but a lot of belly-boat fishing to be had. I don't do too much of it, but for 8 lb. trout, it can be worth it!
  22. This weekend I almost

    I fished Rocky Ford last spring when the Yakima was blown out. Long drive from Portland, but we were already camping at Red's and ditched our drift boats for the drive over. It is fun for a while, but felt a little too much like casting to fish at the hatchery. Too many people, but big hatchery fish though! Fish Crab Creeks area ever? That place is fun too. Time to start drifting the Deschutes (right after turkey season ends....)
  23. the highlight of my day

    you know i am stunned at how many peaople are shocked and appaled that there is access to guns and they should be illigal but think that drugs are just fine. drugs kill just as much if not more than guns do. Guns don't kill people. People use guns (among other things) to kill people....
  24. Chimborazo: Avalanche

    Wild....When I climbed Chimborazo back in january 1999, at about 19,500' we were traversing diagonally up the slope and the whole area around our rope team settled with a loud thud. Really scary when it is completely dark out. We turned around and headed down fast. Right before you get back to the "ice step" to get on the glacier, there was a decent sized avalanche that came down right where we had crossed only hours before and we crossed over the debris and high-tailed it to Banos for sport climbing and beer drinking.....
  25. alright...let's hear it from the hokies on this bb

    Although a Hokie, growingup in Va with a grandfather and two uncles who went to UVa, I always heard redneck jokes about tech, but not too much about the Wahoos, like "All dirt roads lead to tech..." As an aside, I doubt he is on cc.com, but there is a pretty strong climber from UVa named sEli Helmuth. He is married to Majdka Burkhart (sp.?), from Climbing Magazine. Here is his Bio . Really nice guy too.