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Everything posted by Dru

  1. Evil, thy name is....

    smoke it out get the smoke deep in your bronchia
  2. Powered Lycra!!

    sorry, they don't make powered corsets just yet
  3. don't believe those conversion tables you find on the net 15=5.7 16=5.8 17=5.9 18=5.9+ 19=10a 20=10b 21=10+ 22=11a 23=11b 24=11+
  4. [TR] Tooth- NE Slab 2/19/2006

    i like the poetry formatting of this epic blank verse?

    Steve, are you related to Jon Livingstone?
  6. 30,000 posts

    If you accept bets in a forum I can read, all bets are off cause I can throw the pool so whoever bribes me the most wins.
  7. Where can I find boot reviews?

    Used boots = foot fungus
  8. summer jorb

    NCNP Ranger so you can issue tickets and citations to people who chop devils club with a machete or have illegal bonfires in remote wilderness areas!
  9. Where can I find boot reviews?

    Why the rush - eBay auction ending?
  10. Seen on R&I online

    I'm up to shivering on demand.
  11. The Perfect Body for Winter Climbing

    When I saw the "evolved short arms and legs" part I thought of Fern
  12. Overhyped Routes

    I don't think you can call it a climb because they didn't summit.
  13. I've been working out

    OMFG oly!! Good one
  14. Good patagonia pics

    Steph's down with it
  15. I've been working out

    Those men had Pam Anderson's breasts AND Angelina Jolie's lips implanted into their arms? Whoa!
  16. Good patagonia pics

    Is it OK to bolt an Alien sized crack though(in supersecret darkest Oregon, or Pataguccia), given the dangerous manufacturing defects in Aliens?
  17. Good patagonia pics

    Maybe Micah and Timmy will weigh in.
  18. BASE gone wrong epic

    Yeah no kidding, a properly functioning parachute should pull you FORWARD, right
  19. Can you take a road trip up to Kaikoura and pick me up a fresh giant squid? Thanks man
  20. "Pacific Northwest Trail"

    Yaks are native to the Himalaya but mules are not native to the PNW. If you could get snaffles to tow you along the trail that would be OK. -----
  21. best of cc.com photos of Really Big Housecats

    It's so big I doubt it can reach half of its body with its tongue anyways.
  22. best of cc.com photos of Really Big Housecats

    That cat needs powered lycra if it's going to solo Rainier.