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Everything posted by Dru

  1. Hockey

    fuckin' Russians
  2. West Coast Weather Map

    I'm waiting for the next installment in this series where avitripp lectures Chris Sharma on how to onsight a V4, or gives pointers to Linda Lovelace on how to slobber on the love bone.
  3. Rescued from cliff near Golden
  4. BASE gone wrong epic

    Snowboard BASE? Why not just call it Baseboard like the heater
  5. 5 Worst Routes in PNW

    It is a Beckey route next to Pipeline.
  6. Fred Phelps

    Maybe they can put him in the same cell with David Irving and Abu Hamza.
  7. West Coast Weather Map

    This is a 5 star thread for sure.
  8. Hockey

    Poison frog wrestling maybe.
  9. I've been working out

    And my mullet doesn't make a difference?
  10. I've been working out

    Hell, my abs look like his biceps and I don't even work out! Just naturally talented I guess.
  11. 5 Worst Routes in PNW

    How many of those routes have ever been repeated?
  12. Actually I take that back, the curling team has tested positive for beer.
  13. Approach skis

    Snowblades with skins
  14. How is it that the Americans, with the world's greatest doping chemists, are still getting pwned by the plucky, drug free, hard working Canadians at the Winter Olympics?
  15. 30,000 posts

    Why, was he an avatar of yours?
  16. 30,000 posts

    Must have been that imorris guy before he got banned
  17. Garibaldi Neve

    for reals twice in a day you should start from point A and travel to point B twice with a drive around in the middle. going A-B-A is cheating. you can bet the "twice in a day" spearhead crowd don't turn around to retrace steps but rather suck it up and chairlift up blackcomb to restart once they come down whistler the first time.
  18. 30,000 posts

    STFU rolypolyclimber, stealing the snaffle graemlin from buildering.net was probably my most important contribution EVER to the madness that is cascadechestbeaters.com
  19. 30,000 posts

    30,000 s
  20. How about a giant cave full of psychedelic toads?
  21. Garibaldi Neve

    If the Spearhead can get done twice in a day why not the Neve?
  22. Powered Lycra!!

    http://www.press.adidas.com/en/DesktopDefault.aspx/tabid-248/366_read-4476/ New technology for "action suits" that really act!
  23. Evil, thy name is....

    you need arsenic for that