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Everything posted by Dru

  1. Ha ha suckers

    what happens if you bear spray a guy covered in bees, beside it being funny?
  2. I climb 5.11

    How about both of you go back to the sitstart and try again.
  3. Spacemen 3

    Didnt the guy from Spiritualized use to be in Spacemen 3? I used to have the album with all the 3's on the cover but it got left in Josh one New Years.
  4. Hozomeen

    It's a good thing you can't see the super secret chimbley line in that photo
  5. 5 Worst Routes in PNW

    Sounds like a glowing recommendation alright
  6. Somewhere in BC...

    It's Mt. Yourmom
  7. Meanwhile...

    Chickens with crocodile teeth!!
  8. Springtime! Spriiiiiingtiiiiiime!

    DFA IS Iain. But DFA is not Cobra Commander. Go figure.
  9. 5 Worst Routes in PNW

    The repeat of Back of beyond was also by you though!
  10. Meanwhile...

    kinda hairy for a lickalotapuss
  11. Meanwhile...

    it's a snafflypus
  12. Springtime! Spriiiiiingtiiiiiime!

    dfa don't forget to log out as dfa before you log in as jonny tuff
  13. Fred Phelps

    boulderers spend all day grabbing each others asses no wonder god hates them.
  14. I climb 5.11

    i climb your mom
  15. Waddington questions!

    i think the kiwi route has been climbed all of twice? don will know.
  16. Seen on R&I online

    I suspect a sprayer from this site posted this on R&i online: Pacific Northwest (posted by Billy Bob) ---date climbed: February 8, 2002 Me and my partner shot up the North face of Rainier with crappy weather. We hit the base of Thermogennises on the Willis Wall. With the weather being bad we decided not to rope up or use belays, when your as good as me you can do that. We climbed for 12 hours straight and reached the summit at 0323 hrs on Feb 9th. Lets see if any of you whimps out there can top that, I doubt it though.
  17. Meanwhile...

    Poisonous hallucinogenic chickens?
  18. WOLVERINES!!!!

    Hell, you could put it in a cage match with a cage and the cage would win.
  19. West Coast Weather Map

    The question is, the site is pretty useless, why did you think it was cool or even bother to post it?
  20. WOLVERINES!!!!

    A ridiculous flightless owl, "the most endangered bird in the world".
  21. WOLVERINES!!!!

    Yeah like 10 times. Don't you have any kakapos to photograph for us Blake?
  22. Hockey

    Well no, a bunch of overpaid, overaged nancyboys who were too prima donna to put the puck in the fucking Russian net were to blame. 8 shots in 2 periods WTF? But the call of no goal when the puck was in the Russian net was kinda questionable don't you think?
  23. Hockey

    I bet you didn't notice that the ref and linesmen were Americans
  24. I don't know anyone named bigbro OR roadstead1. WTF up with that? Just a coincidence?