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  1. potential questions for Layton's Mounties talk

    I would like to try a first ascent like this. Can you name some big unclimbed faces or walls that would be good for me to try?
  2. potential questions for Layton's Mounties talk

    Do you feel that you can call this a successful climb even though you didn't summit?
  3. potential questions for Layton's Mounties talk

    What was your turnaround time? I'd like to try this climb. Can you give me the GPS waypoints?
  4. potential questions for Layton's Mounties talk

    Who's cooler, you or Colin Haley?
  5. Fall Calculator

    The only fall calculation you need is a calendar. Starts September 20 and ends December 21.
  6. potential questions for Layton's Mounties talk

    Why do you have a death wish? Does your mother know you are doing this? I see you're in the new issue of Alpinist. Can you give me Christian Beckwith's email address? I'd like to report my recent climb of the Tooth to him.
  7. Cheap Rack

    You can always drink your own urine if you run out of water. It worked for Gandhi!
  8. bolting laws

    If you install a via ferrata by hand, is it OK then? Or does that qualify as a trail?
  9. potential questions for Layton's Mounties talk

    What classes did you take to qualify for this climb? Why didn't you just climb up the easy side? I'm shocked that you left all that gear behind on your descent. To my mind, that's just littering the wilderness. I myself have climbed Mount Hood and Mount Rainier along with numerous other Cascade jewels and I have never been required to leave gear behind.

    cmon wfinley that's bunk. if your rope got a core shot while you were jugging it over an edge would you take it back to REI and tell them that your older rope never did that?
  11. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    ! 20 pages ago now ! will history repeat itself?
  12. 30,000 posts

    it probably won't be for another few days
  13. I'm so glad I had to work on Saturday instead of climbing this route.

    Helmets are for posers. I don't think there's anything in most climbers' heads that a helmet would save.

    Is ABC Mountain next to Liberty Mountain, Brokeback Mountain, Misty Mountain and so on?
  16. new breed of web spiders?

    including 436 anonymous users all browsing spray?!
  17. Hozomeen

    Anybody other than GregM and Mtnphil tried to climb it? I made it all the way to the devilsclub on the shore of Hozomeen Lake once. specifically I am looking for first hand experience with the rock. I have heard cracks are rare and a good rack is lots of knifeblades and RPs and long slings for horns, I was wondering ifthis is borne out by experience. Jordo Peters - I know the question you are going to ask - the answer is Yes.
  18. 484 viewing???


    Blowin' in the s, hop elsewhere.
  20. Chuck Norris gets his own

    Chuck Norris gets pwned?
  21. guy did it in 5 hrs once i think.
  22. Eating pork - Yeah or Nay

    or even if you just fed pigs entirely on cud from slaughtered cows? who needs genetic engineering? it's no worse than making calves drink their own urine in a veal cage!
  23. Eating pork - Yeah or Nay

    suppose you made a genetically engineered pig, that had a cow stomach so it chewed the cud... would that make it kosher?
  24. Portland to Patagonia TR!

    looks more like ruapehu to me.