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  1. potential questions for Layton's Mounties talk

    Is it true you became a chiopractor because you didn't know how to spell gynecologist?

    and all hug and start up a drum circle too?
  3. What were the 5 worst routes you've done in the PNW? Don't just make a list, tell us why they were bad. Mine: 1) South slopes of Silvertip. This is an unredeemed slog. At least we got to glissade the top half. The bottom consists of steep sidehill bushwacking with a canyon below and rotten cliffs above. I think we got stung by wasps too. 2) Echelon, Squamish Chief. More vegetation per pitch on this than any other Chief route I have done. all the good pitches are now clean and part of Ultimate verything anyways. 3) Salmon Stakes. Ford creek, slog up frozen talus, all for 190m of low angle WI2 with one short WI3 blip. 4) BS, Domestic Dome. A pitch of sand covered slab. Even Peshastin isnt this bad! 5) Whatever chimney used to be behind Positive Vibrations at Vantage. The only route I have ever climbed where you could feel the chimney changing size when the wind blew. I think half the holds on the back wall I used fell or were pulled off. Nearly killed 3 sport climbers and one dog passing underneath with all the bombs I was dropping.
  4. best of cc.com Mounties Pics

    I found this image of a difficult testpiece on a cc.com member's personal website... will they be a good sport and leave it up or do as I predict and delete it when they see it hotlinked here?
  5. best of cc.com Mounties Pics

    Copyright infringement!
  6. best of cc.com Mounties Pics

    At least M12!
  7. Cheap Rack

    Tie off a pack of s with duct tape.
  8. best of cc.com Mounties Pics

    "My nalgene matches my polypro!" Apparently the guy at right isn't worried that he could tear his helmet apart with his bare hands.
  9. best of cc.com Mounties Pics

    You mean the guy shining the compass into his own mouth? Yeah, it's a classic. Meanwhile, there are undiscovered troves of wicked pictures on flickr! "The crampons are the key to success on these sick mixed pitches!"
  10. best of cc.com Mounties Pics

    Don't be dissin her man, she's in the Bloods, OG, look at the bandana!
  11. DRUGS!

  12. i've seen ski tracks at the bottom but who knows from where they started
  13. best of cc.com Mounties Pics

    "I'm preparing for Antarctica by walking like a penguin!"
  14. Good old cc com back in the day. BTW hiking is the bouldering of alpine climbing.
  15. Denali Limit

    She could have found it here a day ago http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/threadz/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/550259/an/0/page/0#550259

    so you're paying $144 a year to cover potential losses of $100??? hmm, did you listen to your Barbie when she said math was tough?
  17. Unskilled and Unaware

    You mean the part about most people not receiving enough negative feedback? Hater.

    work safe linkylink more clues for the clueless like billcoe
  19. Cheap Rack

    It would be helpful if you posted a picture of the rack you've already got so we could see what you need? It sounds like you have a bunch of draws already. I don't know about the "rock rope". Do you have a "glacier rope" already, is that why you said "rock rope"? Cause you might be able to use the same rope for both. What kind of rope do you already have?
  20. potential questions for Layton's Mounties talk

    Where is the Nodder?
  21. 30,000 posts

    The Indian coders I have outsourced the majority of my posting to, were prevented from coming to work today by the continuing jawdropping revelations in the Lakshmi Parvi sex tape scandal being aired on ITN.
  22. potential questions for Layton's Mounties talk

    How many quickdraws do I need to repeat this route?
  23. 30,000 posts

    Uless I can make 36 more posts today I won't crack the big milestone until tomorrow night at the earliest.