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  1. Muir snowfield conditions?

    I'm planning an exploratory hike this weekend (April 21 and 22). Any recent reports on what the snow is like?
  2. Old Iron Mongery - FREE

  3. Old Iron Mongery - FREE

    Digging around in a sack of old gear I found a pin rack with a bunch of bongs, lost arrow, knife blades, etc. There's a mixture of new, used and somewhat rusted. There're all about 20 years old, but hey, it's iron, right? I haven't quite climbing but my aid days are behind me. This stuff is FREE to the first taker provided: 1) You come and get it (Fremont area in Seattle) 2) You take it all - no picking and choosing. ------------------
  4. Any recommendations for a Seattle area optometrist to make prescription glacier glasses? A lot of shops say they can fill frames with a good coating, but we'd rather deal with someone who really knows what they're doing.