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  1. Climbers stuck on Glacier

    I bet John Roskelly would call you an idiot to your face and tell you to stay home next time. I don't care who flames...you can't touch me so fuck off in advance...
  2. super stars of the cascades?

    Oi Captain Caveman. How are things on the western front. Fresh back from Portillo Chico and wondering what all you tweakers are up to? Captain Crag
  3. A short history of SPRAY Part 1

    Hey Tex! Were you talking about that guy that works in packs in the Redmond store?
  4. Wonderful photos on this site...

    Private Flamey, You seem to be confused and delusional. As usual of course. The area named after you is "Butt Gravy Crack" ------------------ Captain Crag Super Hero Extra Ordinary
  5. CaptainCrag sez: The longest TR I ever saw was the one Mike Massey had once at lower Index near the old explosives storage cave. That rope must have been 500ft long and weighed 90lbs. ------------------ Captain Crag Super Hero Extra Ordinary
  6. The coup attempt begins Flammio! Captain Crag registers Cascadeclimbers.net and redirects DNS to buttpirate.com! ------------------ Captain Crag Super Hero Extra Ordinary [This message has been edited by CaptainCrag (edited 02-06-2001).]
  7. Never fear, Captain Crag is here! ------------------ Captain Crag Super Hero Extra Ordinary