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  1. You can get that reflective tape at Freddy's for about $3.00 in the hardware section... just made me a fancy new set of wands.... only 1 problem, they're 48" so I gotta cut them down confused.gif" border="0


  2. I read a Rainier trip report where they went up Friday evening after work. Left Paradise around 8-9 and got to Muir around midnight. They left for the summit at midnight the next day. This allowed them all day saturday to acclimatize, an extra 1/2 day compared to hiking up to Muir saturday a.m.


  3. C4F,

    Inspite of the trashing the Mt Adams North Ridge has taken on this board for being 'miserable, despicable, in-obvious route-finding', I did it in July, up and down. When I went it was all rock except for the summit snow cap. You shouldn't need any rope/pro. Crampons would only be needed (doubful) on the summit cap, but the slope is very mild. We did not put on crampons. Reflecting back, I feel the board was right. The next time I'm on it will only be as a descent for another route.

    However as you can see Vancleav enjoyed it a lot, so this is only one person's opinion.

    We did see a herd of goat's a couple of times and exerienced great views of the Adams glacier and Lava Headwall.

    Good luck!


  4. Dan,

    I had a tailors bunion on the outside of the foot and the recovery is quicker/easier than a regular bunion on the inside of the foot. I had crutches for 2 days, then hobbled in a temporary cast (removable) for 2 months. My job is at a desk (database designer) so fortunately or unfortunately, (however you want to look at it) I was able to resume work 4 days after surgery. The Dr. said I was to stay off for 2 weeks, but I was hard of hearing.

    I think though if it is a regular bunion on the inside of the foot, crutches may be needed for up to a month because most of the body weight is supported on the inside of the foot, rather than the outside.

    Either way a real 'pain' to deal with.

    Hope this helps,


  5. Dan,

    I feel your pain bro.. !!! Not sure if I can offer you much more than empathy, as you've probably tried the things I have.

    For my tailor's bunions, (outside of foot), I tried some roomier boots (old/used). That helped some. Then I got the real thick moleskin and cut ovals about 1"x2" and wedged between my liner sock and outer sock before putting on the boots. Makes for a snug fit but did help. You can also make one donut put it on first, then follow it up with a full oval.

    Finally, I decided to go under the knife and had one bunion removed last winter. I was out of commission for 2 months, and had to start-over on some of the strength/conditioning...a real bummer.

    This climbing season I was glad I got the surgery as the pain is gone on one foot. The surgery wasn't perfect as I now notice some discomfort near where the bunion was when hiking on uneven terrain with flexible soled boots, but my plastics feel just fine.

    I will probably have the other foot done this winter and hopefully both my feet will feel like going where my mind does !!!

    Good luck on the the Rainier climb ....is this #4 for you this year?

    I'm sending a related message to your mailbox.


  6. As follow-up to the recent thread on Alpine Ice Tools.... I'm all worked up into a froth to get a pair of technical axes for Alpine Ice.(Lib ridge, etc...). I see the shafts can be bought straight or bent. For Alpine Ice should they both have bent shafts.. or is it good to mix 1 straight and 1 bent? Also I've heard of bringing one technical ice hammer and then a std 70cm axe.

    Thanks for the feedback. With all the straight/bent shaft lingo I hope this thread doesn't get too far off topic!!!


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