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  1. Vehicle prowls in the Icicle

    I say haul @$%&!%'s to the top of Midway and throw them onto the highway
  2. La Sportiva Boots??

    I have narrow long feet (12)and my Nepal Tops fit just fine. I have had these for 6-7 years and have never had a blister yet. I must admit I am even surprised, for a boot this stiff when I first bought them I pretty much expected some "pain" breaking them in. They climb excellent, hike very well (for what they are). I have owned a lot of both plastic and leather climbing boots in the past 20+ years, these are among the best I have ever owned.
  3. alpine ultra-light packs

    Steelhead, If you have not yet looked at it, there is a thread titled "Alpine Packs" with a lot of good feedback you may wish to dig thru. Wes
  4. Maude, Fernow, 7FJ

    Jim and all, I have done the south side approach around Marmot Pyramid onto the South Entiat Glacier several times. My partner and I have found it to be very straight forward with little objective hazards.It allows you to get a very good look at the lower section of the Entiat Icefall. It does mean more (easy) glacier travel but, I feel it to be a lot "easier" than coming down the east side of the Maude/Seven Finger Col. Last time we were there our objective was the icefall. When we got to the base of the icefall we found two "very slow" moving groups. Not wanting to get mixed up in a "three way" we scoped out the lower route and then moved on to the north face, came back early the next morning and did the icefall. If you are going for the icefall the southern traverse around Marmot Pyramid is the way to go. Wes [This message has been edited by westerntk@aol.com (edited 06-13-2001).]
  5. alpine packs

    freeclimb9, Do you know anyone that has one of Wildman's Talus packs? I personally consider it to be heavy but would like to heard (read) some feeback. wes
  6. alpine packs

    Lucky, Why are you selling your Ice Sack? How long ago did you buy it? Wes [This message has been edited by westerntk@aol.com (edited 06-01-2001).]
  7. baahhh!

    Eric and All, Having been a Yakima boy for a long time I can verify your friends commnets on b/c skiing in the "Rocks". You can usually have a great time thru the 4th of July (in a normal year)right now is usually prime. There have been several years when you could ski from Elk Pass to Curtis Gilbert and back in a day. For those interested I would recommend the north fork of the Tieton River to either McCall Basin or Elk Pass for camp. Even if you spend the day "yo-yo" skiing Old Snowy, it's a great time rip it up
  8. alpine packs

    Thanks for the latest feedback. Many of you have mentioned most of the packs I have been considering. I would agree that finding a good cross between pack weight itself and how a pack carries is one of the hardest aspects of considering an alpine pack. The CCW Chernobyl is a great example of this. On one trip I made in Feb several years ago up Rainier the pack was great for both the ski to Muir and climb itself, however when It came time for the ski down (overstuffed you can imagine)it SUCKED! I still would like to know if anyone out there has anything to say about the Mountian Tools Ice Bash
  9. alpine packs

    I am looking to replace my CCW Chernobyl and wondered if anyone out there has had any experience with the Mountain Tools packs, primarly the Ice Bash
  10. khamsin 30?

    Gordon, REI-Outlet.com has the Kasmin 30 on sale for $83
  11. Wanted X15 40 or 45 cm Hammer

    I am looking for 1 of the original old style X15 hammers, either the plain carbon fiber/fiberglass or preferably the BRS in 40 or 45 cm. Price of course in dependant on condition
  12. Wanted X15 40 or 45 cm Hammer

    Paul, Lets make a deal. I will email you with my address and particulars on how you wish to recive payments (check, money order....) Thanks, Wes PS To anyone out there reading this thread, I also have a first generation 55cm Lowe Hummingbird I wish to part with. It is in decent shape (no falls). It has the half length rubber grip which has a chunk a little bigger than a quarter torn out. It would come with the alpine adze, tubular adze, alpine pick tubular pick, three mounting screw for the adzes and one for the picks. $50 for the whole lot
  13. Wanted X15 40 or 45 cm Hammer

    Paul, Which model do you have, the original or the BRS? For $70 does this include a pick and if so which one? For all you dudes out their that have older "Zero X" tools, BD has picks for these units at the company store in Salt Lake, just happen to be their today on business. And they do not have any of the old style X-15's. To the post by Rodchester regarding "generation", true the Zero X was first, however the "mechanism" for attaching the picks was/is different, it does not use the "V" notch. Thanks, Wes
  14. Wanted X15 40 or 45 cm Hammer

    Rodchester, Thanks for the tip. I have also seen them on ebay but mostly they have been adze's and 50cm hammers. I really want a smaller tool. I am down in Vancouver, WA. Does second-bounce have a website? Thanks, Wes
  15. Wanted X15 40 or 45 cm Hammer

    David, Your use is much like my own. I own a pair of bent shaft BP's and also a 55cm X15 adze which has been my alpine weapon for years and also serves as my third tool when needed. Love it, use it with the Alaska pick as well, great alpine setup. I want a smaller compact third tool, one that will also serve as a second on alpine climbs. I don't care for the later model X15's with the aliuminum shafts. I also have two sons with potential future interest in climbing. Keep me in m,ind if you decide to sell. Thanks, Wes
  16. Wanted X15 40 or 45 cm Hammer

    David, BRS is the abbreviation Black Diamond used for "Bonded Rubber Shaft". If your X15 tools have full length rubber on the shafts like the Black Prophets they are "BRS" models. Are you looking to sell? You mention you have a pair, I am only interested in a hammer either 40 or 45 cm. If you are interested in selling, what length do you have and how much do you want for one hammer? Wes
  17. Wanted X15 40 or 45 cm Hammer

    Thanks PSF but these units at Serria Trading Post are of the type produced after the BRS models. They have aluminum shafts (production cost reduction)and the grips have been known to come "unglued", however it is a decent price for someone looking for a fair technical tool. Barrabe's of Spain also is selling this model however at a higher price Thanks, Wes
  18. Axars or Black Profit

    I love my BP's. As mentioned previously you don't have to monkey with tools to change either pick or head. For me I have had such good luck with my BP's, X-15's and even my old Chouninard Zero X that it is hard to consider something else. When I looked at the Shrike for a new third tool, it was the grip that made me say no. Having clench my BP's for hours on end while wearing heavy gloves on cold weather climbs, the ergo shaft makes a big differance to me. If you have not yet purchased, I suggest you take a look at the "The Fly" by DMM. Good price, nice swing, comfortable on the wrist and a smartly designed spike. If I wasn't such a Chouinard/Black Diamond fan, that's where I would probably put my money.