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  1. Fast N Lite Packs

    A pack that comes with a manual / video? Next thing you know the'll be putting instructions on condom wrappers.
  2. Fast N Lite Packs

    A similar debate from earlier this year with a link to an older post on the subject ... CCW Valdez vs Cilo 30:30/40B cheers
  3. Overnight Enchantments No Permit?

    You can always show up at the Ranger Station and take a chance .. permits not claimed by 9:00 AM on the day of entry are given out via lottery
  4. Enchantments conditions?

    Went in via Nada / Snow Lakes on 6/26 and camped at south end of Snow. Hiked up to Viviane on 6/27 and had lunch at the outlet with 17 goats. Tons of snow up high, Viviane was 90% froze over but that was two weeks ago before all these high temps. Guarantee there is water running over the spillway dam on upper Snow. Not too deep, just don't stop and your feet shouldn't get wet.
  5. Thermogenesis ski descent

    awesome !!
  6. Enchantments conditions

    thanks for the update gents. Anyone go in from Snow Lakes this past weekend?
  7. Enchantments conditions

    other that the crew that hit the South Route on Colchuck this weekend, any updates from the Snow Lake or Colchuck Lake/Aasgard Pass approaches? thanks
  8. Gear looking for new home

    PM 9
  9. Enchantments conditions

    Curious as to any new updates on the snow pack. I realize it is still late April and a spring "dump" could come at anytime .. however I'm wondering what the snow pack looks like @ Colchuck and Asgard compared to an "average" year?
  10. CCW Valdez vs Cilo 30:30/40B

    Valdez ... I have a custom that Mr Rackliff did for me several years ago Thank You Mr Rackliff I've been able to easily go 3 nights out (spring/summer & fall) with room to spare. I've carried a full AT setup (boots locked into bindings), bivy gear, climbing rope, split the rack with partners and still have the extra room of the extension sleeve available if needed. Properly stuffed & loaded, it carried surprising well, however I think doing this with the standard waist belt would suck and Randy would be the first to tell you. If you felt that you needed to stiffen it up a bit, a plastic frame sheet can easily be sandwiched inside the bi-fold back pad.
  11. Looking for old passive pro

    Well said, one of the biggest POS ever made ... Althought they do make a decent paperweight
  12. Moser Pulsars y Grivel Mont Blanc Compacts - SOLD

    PM sent of Grivel tools
  13. What size is YOUR 1-3 night bag?

    Cold Cold World Chernobyl ... @ 50L say no more, light, simple and tough as nails.
  14. quickdraw orientation

    interesting .. isn't Wild Country owned by DMM?
  15. For Sale - BD Black Prophet Straight Shaft ice tool. Includes 2 recurve picks, 1 adze, 1 hammer & 2 screws for the attachments. I'd rate it a 7~8 out of 10. Shaft has 4 small nicks/tears in the rubber none of which go all the way to the shaft. $45 plus shipping from Vancouver. Can arrange pickup/hand-off in greater PDX area @ no cost.
  16. recommendations for a 30L - 40L pack

    a third vote for the CCW Valdez
  17. Well, given that the kit comes with wet wipes for apres screw clean-up, I'd wager the cracks are probably pretty skanky. You know, lots of moss and shit... Bloody Marys tonight!!! It's Halloween, ya know! that's some funny shit Sobo
  18. Chugach State Park Permanent Anchor Ban

    What would Sarah do ??
  19. Tieton Camping???

    tons of places around Rimrock Lake and the South Fork of the Tieton River. Drive up the pass to the east end of Tieton River Road .. cross the bridge .. hang the first right and drive up along the Tieton River and you'll have your choice of numerous sites. Deeper into the woods, further from the highway, you probably start running into more hunting parties.
  20. FS; BD camalots, c-4s and c-3s. $20 a piece

    pm sent on C4 size 3 and 0.5
  21. Rainier Scandal

    very interesting ... really makes you wonder
  22. Kong Gipsy frictional anchor system

    Didn't Lowe make something like this 20~25 years ago?
  23. [TR] Forbidden - W and NW ridges 8/9/2011

    well said OW