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  1. 2015/2016 Washington Ice Conditions

    We tried to go to Franklin or Keekwulee falls on the 2nd but the road was closed for tree removal not long after the exit. Went to Alpental to salvage the day. Practice gully looked like it had good ice but a lot of wind loaded snow. The various Alpental falls were in worse shape than expected with lots of thing ice and running water underneath. Sorry, no pics.
  2. Recognize this Tumwater Canyon route?

    I haven't posted images before either but I think maybe this is what togdor means edit to say, sweet it worked.
  3. Washington Ice Conditions

    Drove by Drury this weekend, it is not in. There is some ice but did not look at all climbable. A lot of other smaller climbs did look climbable, like the ones across from castle rock. Climbed This to Shall Pass at lake wenatchee with 5.12dreamer on sunday. Looked fat but both pitches had quite a bit of snice even on the steeper sections making it more difficult to climb and protect than we'd hoped for. Still fun just don't expect thunker ice like it looks to be from the base. The small bowl above the climb had more snow than we expected but the main path directly threatening the climb has slid some time ago so it seemed pretty safe. Timequake looked like it had some missing sections especially at the start of the third pitch.
  4. Thanks for the concern. We were only a little behind schedule on the climb, it was the sherpa pass descent that took much longer than planned.
  5. Stuart--West Ridge

    We climbed it Sunday. There was some snow at the top of gullies and an exposed section to cross below the west horn. We were in tennis shoes and the cooler weather saturday night made it necessary to chop steps for a couple sections.
  6. Two of the three rappel bolts at the top of Meat Grinder at Alphabet rock are missing the hangers, nuts, and chains. The third is in good shape and has a chain. It's easy to build an anchor and walkoff but plan for.
  7. Mt. Adams south side road access?

    I don't know what came down saturday but there was only 1-2" of new snow on the road from wednesdays storm. We drove over FR23, not bad but some very icy patches on the pavement at the transitions from snow covered to bare. Road to Morrison is easy to drive. From Morrison to Cold Springs TH was rough but not terrible, down to dirt in some spots but there are few places that are drifted several feet deep. With a couple people having driven over the new snow the old track should be easy to see and is good and solid compact ice as long as you don't wander off a foot to the side in the wrong place. We were in a pathfinder with good tires and only had the one problem. We skinned up the trail from the parking lot but it was thin in quite a few places and is likely melted down to dirt by now.
  8. Mt. Adams south side road access?

    It was nice down low, especially on the ski down. Once we gained the ridge it got windy and icy but we were out of the clouds from 8:30 on. Since snow (ice) conditions seemed to be getting worse the higher we got we turned around at the lunch counter. Turned out to be for the best since we finished chipping ice out from underneath the truck just before dark as it was.
  9. Mt. Adams south side road access?

    Was that your Tundra at the trailhead? The big pit half way down the road filled with tree branches was where our Pathfinder slipped off the old tracks and burried the axle and frame in the ice.
  10. Storm day at 38

    It's not now. Unless you enjoy dripping icicles, partially frozen turf, and pulling over crux snags without any ice at all. Still better than the bare rock of Comic Book Hero or the well loaded avalanche slope above Hubba Hubba.
  11. Splitboard - Bent Voile binding plates.

    Definitely contact Voile. I bent one of mounting bracket on my Prior split board last year and Voile sent me a new pair of brackets and pins just in case.
  12. The hatchery people have changed their minds. You have to get a key for the centre creek gate again. The guy at the hatchery this weekend acted like this policy is unchanged and the gate was never left unlocked. Although the last time teh key was checked out was a month ago.
  13. North Face of Maude - will it go this late?

    We went to try the north face (not the entiat ice fall) last weekend and it is not in shape. The snow/ice is discontinuous all the way up the gully with large portions of what is there covered in debris. micah