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    Much of the large overhang near the junction of the upper ramp of the Improbable Traverse & the variations above Lunch Ledge fell off in late November, 2021. Most of the ramp near this junction is missing & has perched blocks, the roof variation above Lunch Ledge looks like it is now talus, there appear to be scars near the traverse itself, & the entire lower face is covered in loose rocks. Apologies if you have already been fed this on #outofmyfuckingfacetwitgram.
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    On another visit this week, on Tuesday, I chopped out the last of the road obstacles. The road is now free of anything new that would cause a bike rider to dismount. I do like a long, smooth downhill ride! The first two were located just before the first culvert. First one, before: After: Second one was the worst obstacle. I dropped it onto this skid log and pushed the cut log off the road. Almost there: After: The last two were above the first culvert. This was the biggest of all: After: Fourth and last was a double alder: Phase two: After: During celebration ride:
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    I hope Instagram dies a swift and fiery death..... Until then, you all will be subject to my obsession with publicly posting images. Sorry! Kulshan last Saturday afternoon:
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    Yep! Hiked our last section, from Shi Shi to Ozette, including a repeat of the section from Cape Alava to Sand Point. Good times as always!
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    Trip: Mt. Jefferson - Southwest Ridge Trip Date: 05/22/2022 Trip Report: This past weekend we went out to climb the southwest ridge of Jefferson. We hiked in Saturday afternoon and camped above the avalanche path above Pamelia lake. We could not have asked for better weather and the road was open to the trailhead. We were hoping to make it to the summit but from the lake you could see that the rock portion of the route was covered in snow. We made it up to the saddle before the traverse, climbed out to take a peek at the traverse and turned around. There were some folks from Seattle on route that I got some photos of. If any of you see this, PM me and I'll send you some photos. Gear Notes: 2 quarks, crampons and splitboard Approach Notes: Pamelia TH, to PCT to avalanche path
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    Thanks for the validation @psathyrella. Just for that, you get another today! Jailhouse Rock in Capitol Reef NP (discerning viewers may notice that I am not afraid of posting exact locations on cc.com):
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    You thought I was joking? EVERY DAY! Here is White Chuck, Sloan, and the Monte Cristo Group from Sauk: