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    Congrats nonbasketless on the dumbest post of COVID-19. May no one surpass it.
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    I'm a little too busy to worry about climbing right now. I wonder if they designed the PAPR hood around the Ecrin Roc. They sure fit the same. Stay safe and practice social distancing.
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    This reminds me of when crazypolishbob/glassgowkiss refuted Colin Haley and Mark Bunker's winter ascent of the Upper NR Stuart because he was there and did not see any tracks. There was another fellow who refuted Colin's report of soloing the NF Robson in a day and a half. I certainly believe lando's claim. Having had my own go around with the Yocum Ridge I can say with some authority that it is not technically difficult, just really scary and dangerous. I'm sure lando is perfectly capable of climbing the rig. Why would someone lie about climbing a route that maybe 10 other people in the world care about anyway? I feel that in this game you really have nothing to gain by making false claims, especially a route on Mt. Hood.