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    I totally respect that opinion. Like I said, I hadn’t been around Jim on a day to day basis in a long time, probably 35 years. People change. I’d heard that Jim was pretty whacked out but I hadn’t heard about the white supremacy leanings. That’s effed up. Jim endured (enjoyed) a lifetime of drugs, alcohol and other abuses. He loved LSD and other psychedelics and was known to dabble in heroin. Cocaine was a staple for him for years as I witnessed firsthand. These kinds of chemicals on a regular basis can change a person. I’m just really saddened that he ended up the way he did. You can only hope that you age gracefully and with dignity. Some do. Some don’t. I’ve been known to tell aging hard core climbers and athletes that complain about the things they can’t do anymore to embrace the change, to embrace the things they can still do. They’ll be very unhappy if they dwell on the things they can’t do anymore. If you survive all the stupid stuff you did when you were young you’ll eventually get there. I got back into big wall climbing about 10 years ago after a 30 year wall climbing hiatus. It’s been quite an eye opener. When I flopped onto a ledge three pitches up on the first wall my friend and I did after we got back into it, I thought I was going to have a stroke. We took 3 days to do a wall that I’d done in a day in the 70’s. Things got better. The next wall we did (that I’d done in 1973) didn’t hurt nearly as much. They kept getting easier. I learned to slow down and live in the moment. All the new aid do-dads certainly helped. Anyway, Bridwell lived a long and colorful life and I wish him well wherever he is now. BTW-if we ever meet, please don’t give me a Glasgow kiss.
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    Hey there I just put a little lipstick on this pig and moved a few things around. The site has some bigger issues, but I need @jon to help me with some of them...I just don't even have access/rights to a few things that need fixing. If you know him and love him like I do, I think it would help to reach out to him personally and let him know you still love this place . I know Jon still does too, but life is pretty crazy and can send you off different directions and cliffs...I know he has his hands full, but any psych we can send his direction will help I'm sure. But please send him some love, I know that dude loves attention! To me this place represents a lot of things, but most important to me is that it is a site/community that is not trying to suckle every last bit of personal information off you. It is free, and you are actually not the product. This place is like the early days of the internet, which has now become a weird and terrible place in my opinion (the internet, cc.com was always weird, and sometimes terrible, but in a lovable way.). This place is a throw back to the exciting times of possibility, before the corporations and criminals took it over. So as the arc of time passes, and social media sites rise and fall, I don't know what the future holds...but it has always been my goal to keep the lights on with this site. They are still on. And whilw there are less visitors than in the past (and i'm not counting the bots, nor Dru's or his 50 avatars), we still have high quality trip reports rolling in, people finding climbing partners, and great info being shared. So a huge thank you to those continuing to contribute to the site. We have had some big ballers roll through here, and we still do...and they definitely inspire. But also just the modest and "average" TRs are also awesome. The ones that make you think "I need to go check that out". I would love to get this site tuned up and upgraded and off of shit lists. I don't use Facebook myself, but if you want to share there you should be able to. Keep things simple and running and continue to be a safe place on the Internet way from the data gathering monsters. I think if we can do that, this site will thrive off that alone. I think at some point adding back to local shop advertising to help pay for the servers and forum software, but that is it. I hope you're missing this virus, and if you're not, that you recover quickly. Happy Holiday's and New year. /p.